5 Completely Free Freelance Guides from Domino

  • November 25, 2020

In the spirit of surfacing the best content, tools and tips for independent workers, meet Domino Spot, a resource that aggregates practical and actionable advice for freelancers in the form of short guides.
(We’re kind of obsessed.)
Below are some of our favorites, which by the way, are completely free to the freelance community. Now, isn’t that nice?

How, what, and where to register your business in the United States

Freelancers are often overwhelmed by the idea of setting up an official business entity, and don’t know the pros and cons of each type. This guide can help you decide what business entity is the best for you, and set it up.

How to decide between hourly and fixed rates

With all the hard work you put into creating your website, building out your portfolio, promoting your services, finding clients, and agreeing on a project, you’d think you would be good to go after that. But there is one factor that trips up most freelancers: determining your pricing.
tools for freelancers

How to create client follow-up templates

Simple guidelines for effectively communicating to clients upon the completion of a project or assignment.

How to deal with non-payment

Getting stiffed shouldn’t have to be part of the deal when you’re a freelancer. Read this guide, and then grab our free contract template.

Tips for finding clients, fast

To be self-employed is to assume the role of a hunter-gathered. This guide helps you seek our work, and nurture new opportunities from your existing network.
For even more insights, head over to https://www.wearedomino.com/learn.
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