The Perks of Being an Fiverr Workspace Member: Raaly

  • By Tracy Soren
  • January 29, 2021

As an ex-9-to-5er, there’s not much I crave about my past life. I don’t miss the meetings that could have been emails, or saying “TGIF, am I right” to everyone in the office as if it was mandatory. I don’t miss the professional business attire, clothing you have to buy even though it has only one purpose. I don’t miss worrying that I was going to be late because I was on someone else’s time. No, there’s not much I miss about office life except one tiny little thing: having a dedicated workspace that isn’t in my apartment.
I’m not saying that I can’t work out of my apartment but I am saying that I have written quite a bit on my futon couch. It’s not that I can’t make it to the desk; it’s more so that I mysteriously end up on the couch. And, in the wise words of Tim Gunn, I make it work, but I long for a workspace that is separate from my binge-watching sanctuary.
Co-working spaces have been popping up like, well, pop-up shops these past few years but finding the right co-working space is almost like finding a perfect date, it takes a few tries. Lucky for me and my freelance fam, Raaly exists. Raaly is an app that let’s you find your perfect co-working space, at a discounted price, in an instant.
Curated to find the best working space for you, Raaly negotiates the prices for the space on your behalf so the deals are the lowest on the market. Us freelancers spend a lot of time negotiating and discussing pricing for our work with our clients so why not give someone else a go at it when it comes to our co-working space? Best part: if you find a lower price, Raaly will match that price. It’s not me who says they guarantee it. Nope. Good ‘ol Raaly says they guarantee it. Check out the picture below to get an idea of what Raaly has to offer:

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Like Tinder, once you find your match you can get started instantly. Unlike Tinder, you’re not going to get a weird message from some guy who thinks you look like his mom. (Seriously dudes on Tinder, get it together!) Raaly allows you to find the co-working space that works for you then lets you select the date you want to head in. And you can pay right away, through the app. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
Also, you’re not obligated for a minimum stay. You can choose if you want to stay for days, months, years. It fits your schedule which is perfect for us freelancers who are all about a flexible sched.
And let’s say, for some reason, the space isn’t working for you. You can’t get that temp right (personally, I run cold), it doesn’t get enough sunlight (mama needs those rays), or it just doesn’t fit you karmically, Raaly will give you a complete refund. Love it or leave it, it’s okay by them. Money apparently can buy you a no pressure situation on Raaly.
So, if the dent in your futon couch is getting a bit too sunken in (just me?), check out the Raaly app. Visit Fiverr Workspace’s Freelancer Benefits page to check out our Raaly perks and get to searching. The perfect desk chair that’s not in your apartment is out there for you. This time, I can guarantee it.

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