These States Are The Most Interested in Working From Home

  • November 25, 2020

If you haven’t noticed, the remote work lifestyle is kind of a thing. Thanks to technological advances and the shift to leaner organization models, employees are increasingly trading their cubicles for their own cribs, opting to work from home on a full-time basis.
Just how significant is this trend? Twenty-four percent of Americans worked from home in 2015, and 68 percent of U.S. workers say they would expect to work remotely in the future.
Ever-curious about trends in the modern workforce, we wanted to know which states demonstrated the most interest in work from home job opportunities. And we’re not going to lie: the map surprised us a bit.

(Data from Google Trends)
South Carolina represents the highest volume of search queries for “work from home jobs” in the entire country.
Not far behind South Carolina was two fellow Southern states: West Virginia and Kentucky.
Regardless of why these states are so interested in remote work options, other states may want to take note. Recently released data supports the notion that telecommuting benefits both workers and employers.
Remote workers are reportedly more productive and engaged and employers are benefiting, too. With the tech sector driving this charge—companies like Buffer don’t even have an office space—the transportation and finance sectors are also seeing an increase in the number of employees working remotely.

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