Like Jumanji Out There! The Wild Safari of Freelance Pay Tracking

  • By Tracy Soren
  • November 25, 2020

Van Pelt here. You may recall, I’m the hunter that was unfortunately trapped in the Jumanji game only to be let free when Robin Will- ::coughcough::, I mean Alan rolled the dice. My head, like a mustached balloon, got “sucked” back into the monstrous game when Alan rolled that winning spin.
Now, Fiverr Workspace may or may not have called on me one final time to discuss with you readers how to navigate that wild safari of tracking down your own pay and make sure your pockets are filled with the riches you are rightfully owed!
Freelancers, like hunters, have to keep their senses at optimal capacity. The freelance jungle is a magnificent beast that can feed and starve at the very same time. You get that Robin-, I mean Alan-, I mean readers. Your clients can giveth and they can taketh away. When a contract gets signed, a gentleman’s agreement is entered by binding ink. And with those signed agreements comes deadlines, due dates, and invoices. Ah dear freelancer, you have done your part but will your co-conspirator do the same?
Many times, the freelancers feel like the hunted but you must remember you have the control in safari! Your time, dedication, creativity, passion, and zeal can all be applied to tracking down your expenses when they are self-managed. Believe me, I’m Van Pelt! Van Pelt has seen 50 lb. spiders and giant mosquitoes, surely you the freelancers can handle a rogue client.
Now, I’ve never used a “phone” but I heard mumblings about it when I was running around in that hardware store in the year 1995. And the folks at Fiverr Workspace have told me about “email”, sounds confusing. Modes of communication have truly expanded since I entered Jumanji.
Now, one of the worst things a hunter can experience is when the trail goes dark. The footprints get muddied, the wind lies. When communication stops, it’s one of the hardest things a freelancer can experience. I feel uncomfortable saying this, because it’s almost beneath me, but I’ve heard the term “ghosting” from these Fiverr Workspace Chief Operators. While it’s applied to romantic dalliances, it can also be applied to freelancer’s client going dark. Ghosting is a part of what makes the safari so wild.
The one you work so hard far and suddenly it’s like they disappear into thin air (or in my case, Kirsten Duns-, I mean Judy Shepard, rolls the dice and your prey evaporates back into the ’90s). Apparently, a company can just stop one day and freelance payments go sadly, unpaid.
It’s often easier to catch the fella below than a delinquent client.


Another thing to consider is time. In Jumanji, the hot sun rises until the faceless moon takes hold and the pattern repeats. Days go by and it almost seems hazy. Same thing happens in the freelance safari. Due dates get muddied and go past due. As your bank account stays stagnant or worse, dwindles, the freelancers’ needs to assert oneself to keep their client’s calendar in line. Again and again, we are reminded, it’s a jungle out there.
Ah! The freelancer safari seems hard but again, you have your senses to navigate the jungle. And while your senses are heightened, it’s important to track your payments and manage your expenses. I know where all my drying furs and elephant husks are, so surely a freelancer can organize their payments. Now, I wish I had a better compass, mine is rusty and old and there’s no compass store in the Jumanji jungle (if another human gets sucked into the game, I sincerely hope they build compasses). If someone gave me a better compass, oh jolly good time! Lucky for freelancers, Fiverr Workspace has put out a payment tracking feature that will help you streamline managing your expenses.
Through this feature, you have a personal pay me page, you can accept all major credit cards, accept payments through a thing called “Paypal”, accept ACH payments, and more. It sounds like it’s a genius idea to help you through the terrain. But you musn’t take it from me, I’m just a hunter that survives the Jumanji jungle…I think I just did “sarcasm,” yippee.

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