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10 Gifs That Sum Up The Highs and Lows of Freelancing

  • By Tracy Soren
  • November 25, 2020

“Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough” is a popular lyric about love but it can also be about freelancing. In this business, you’re always searching for the next highest high and trying to navigate around the lowest low. And sometimes in those moments you want the perfect gif to illustrate just how you’re feeling. Well then, look no further than this list.

When Your Freelance Paycheck Hits The Bank

Nothing like getting a notification that the paycheck you’ve been waiting on has deposited into your account.

When You’ve Got Too Much On Your Plate

Your projects are mounting and you have deadlines looming but you’re still have everything under control…sort of.

When Showing a Client You’re Not A One Trick Pony (or Freelancer)

Freelancers have a lot of talents up their sleeves and there’s nothing better than proving yourself when someone thinks they’ve got you pegged.

When The Deadline is Fast Approaching and You Feel Stuck

It happens to the best of us but remember, even though you’re moving slow, you’re still moving.

When You Become An Fiverr Workspace User

Did you finally sign up for AND CO, start to retrieve their services, and realize, “yup, I found my new BFF!”

When You Find A Solution To a Problem Only You Could Solve

When it comes to your projects, sometimes there’s no one else to look to but yourself. And as a freelancers, a big high in this biz is finding your own solutions and celebrating yourself in your own special way.

When You Get a New Freelance Job & Start it Immediately

Nothing like getting the gig you’ve been waiting for. You can’t help it, you have to start working IMMEDIATELY.

When That Client Gives You Props

You know you’re good at what you do, that doesn’t mean you don’t blush a little when you get your well-deserved praise.

When You’re Working and the Time Has Flown By

The clock can really fool us. As a freelancer, you can think you spent no time on a project only to look down and realize the day has passed. That moment will never get less shocking.

When You Snag Your Freelance “Big Kahuna”

The day every freelancer waits for is the day they land their client they’ve dreamed of landing. There’s nothing but excitement in the air because you my friend, just caught your biggest catch yet.

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