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The 10 Types of People You'll Meet at SXSW Interactive

  • November 25, 2020

It’s about that time. SXSW 2017 is upon us, and although there are few bright shiny objects this year—real Veep Joe Biden and fake Veep JLD, as well as some Soylent AI thing—there will undoubtedly be a few familiar faces.
Acquaint yourselves with Fiverr Workspace’s field guide to common SXSW Interactive attendees.

The power-networker who doesn’t seem to have a legit job

You won’t find them: They’ll find you. Oh, and the LinkedIn invite will be in your inbox before you can say “Which party is Busta Rhymes playing this year?”

Aggressive 24-year-old digital agency planner who’s only doing it for the Insta

This young whippersnapper is supposed to be providing “thought leadership” for clients, but everyone knows they’re just trying to post up outside of Jo’s coffee and assault their peers back home with mediocre Boomerang content. #nolikesnolove

Spin enthusiast who blows off 3 client meetings to visit the SoulCycle pop-up

What could be more important than getting life advice from someone who likely has no business giving you life advice while listening to a live DJ set from half of the White Panda? Namaste.

The tech company that hasn’t gotten the memo that “booth babes” are no longer a thing

There’s always one. Seriously, people?

Ad tech sales VP 1.5 bottles of rosé deep at The Driskill

Here’s a fun game: Go say hi around 11 a.m., and then return at 4 p.m. and ask for a detailed product demo.

The CEO/CMO who immediately regrets this decision

Someone’s PR team thought this was a good idea. Someone’s PR team is getting fired.

The vaguely European app co-founder

Not sure who you are, where you’re from, or what you do. But you have a sweet logo.

Disenchanted brand activation field team member

Apologies in advance for not wanting to “engage” with your CPG company’s “immersive experience” tailored to “mobile-first millennials.” Unless you’re from Mophie and you’ve got a majestic St. Bernard somewhere in that fanny-pack, I’m not interested.

The Wristband Warrior

Literally nobody cares that you got into the Fast Company Grill. That said, your tolerance for four consecutive nights of crushin’ Shiner Bock longnecks is admirable.

The Self-Employed Hustler

About one-fifth of SXSW attendees are freelancers or self-employed workers. You’re clearly the coolest kids on the block, but good luck getting a party invite.

Fiverr Workspace will have correspondents on the ground covering all the action this year. Follow the blog for updates!

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