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4 Kinds of Freelancers that Make the Most Money

  • By Jodi Price
  • November 25, 2020

The freelancing route is a dream come true for many professionals since you can’t beat working from the comforts of your own home.  
There are plenty of freelancing jobs out there, too, from being a freelance writer to making digital art as a graphic designer. However, all freelancing gigs are different in terms of work, the amount of work, and above all, the amount of money you can make.
Everyone wants a gig that will earn them the best income, so to help breakdown the pay differences for you, here are 4 freelancing gigs that will bring home the most bank:

1. PR (Public Relations) Manager

As of December 2019, and according to flexjobs.coma PR manager can make $52 an hour
Just to put that into perspective, that’s more than what an average teacher, police officer, and the average American working professional can earn in an hour. That said, you do need a bit of training before you can jump into being a PR manager for clients. 
Before you can get started as a PR manager, you’ll need a Bachelor’s degree in either:

  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Fundraising
  • Journalism
  • English 

Not to mention, you need years of experience in related topics about PR management. 
PR management is all about working with the media to control the narrative of the client or company’s public image. Whether it’s answering the media’s questions, giving them stories to publish, or planning a press conference, you need to ensure that your clients are always painted in the best light. Unfortunately, that also means you’ll have to deal with any backlash from the media and the public, but that’s why they pay you the big bucks!
A lot of tasks come with being a PR Manager, but high paying jobs never come easy. To learn more about PR management, Paladin offers a great overview of the job and goes more in-depth on additional tasks. 

2. Software Developer

Studies show that software developers make around $103,620 a year. 
Ever since the inception of social media, the salaries for software developers has skyrocketed. That’s because so many people and businesses rely on software developers to create mobile apps for their products and services. Or they need software developers to design websites, online payment stations, to help manage online security, and run tests to ensure programs and applications work properly for consumers. 
If you’re a tech wizard, becoming a freelance software developer may sound like a great idea, but there are some education requirements that may be necessary to bolster your expertise among clients.
Most software developers have a Bachelor’s degree in either:

  • Computer Science
  • Software Engineering

On top of that, a solid understanding of mathematics—into calculus and an understanding of physics—is also a valuable tool when computing data and working with advanced coding and sequences online.  
Software developers, like the name, develop various software for a variety of applications. To do this, they use math and science to create high-quality software systems for clients that request them. They also fix errors by using data and are generally responsible for everything that goes on with the software’s system as it’s used. 
You can check out this link to learn more about what goes into becoming a software developer, as well as how to land a job as a developer! 

3. Technical Writer

According to research from ZipRecruiter, most freelance technical writers earn a salary between $46,000 and $76,000. 
It’s possible for some freelance technical writers to make upwards of $130,000 annually, but that all depends on what city you live in, the area of expertise you’re writing in, your overall experience level, and what budgets your clients have to work with. 
Based on your education level, you can also justify charging clients a higher rate for your services. For instance, if you have at least a Bachelor’s degree in one of these fields:

  • English
  • Journalism
  • Communications

along with superb writing skills, you can have the freedom to set higher rates for clients and continue to build your freelance success.
Technical writers are responsible for making sure that complicated information pertaining to a variety of industries is understandable for consumers and other industry partners. Whether it’s about a company’s mission, what they make, or even putting together instruction manuals—technical writers are the bridge between getting a grasp on complicated processes and helping others know how it works. goes over everything you need to know about technical writers and what you can do to get started in the field. 

4. Online Teaching

Online teaching has become a popular freelance profession as more and more people are wanting consumer information at their own rate—and at an affordable price. 
So, if you like teaching, then pursuing an online teaching career may be the best move for you instead of going into an actual classroom. On average, online teachers make $59,000 a year, and the top percentile of online teachers made $122,000 a year according to recent studies
The only downside to becoming an online teacher is that it requires some education to ensure that you can provide students with expert-level knowledge in certain fields. For example, most teaching positions require a Master’s degree in:

  • Any field of schooling you want to specialize in

However, if you have other professional certifications in fields such as Yoga training, Real Estate licenses, marketing certifications, fitness certifications, or other professional accreditations, you can use that to fuel your teaching skills and leverage a following in that respective area. 
Overall, teaching online involves interacting with your classroom online and making sure they’ll be able to understand the material with your way of teaching. Also, you’ll be designing your own course to teach, so make sure it’s engaging enough to keep the students listening and applying the information to their own pursuits. And, after the live sessions, you can release videos that go in-depth on a particular subject and have your own YouTube channel or use the material for an e-book. explains the journey of becoming an online teacher, so give it a look and explore what you need to do. For a list of the best online platforms for teaching, you can also check out this link from The TEFL Academy.

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