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4 Ways To Raise Your Freelance Rates

  • By Adela Belin
  • November 25, 2020

The art of becoming the freelancer who’s always in high demand is not as simple as a one fix process.
Companies who are serious about their freelancer program or even brands just looking to outsource work will conduct a thorough search for the right fit.
In the search to raise your freelance rates and build a list of high-quality clients, it requires a strong presence across the board. It’s nice to have your own following and a pretty Twitter banner, but there is indeed a strategy behind higher rates and landing bigger clients. From maintaining strong social profiles to building a credible online portfolio, here’s what you should do before raising your freelance rates.

Documented experience in your niche

There are a lot of talented people who have great experience but can’t speak to that experience. Being able to tell the narrative of your professional history is a big asset. Many times you aren’t fortunate enough to have this conversation, so your online identity needs to get this story across.
Documenting experience in your industry can show in a variety of ways: a strong professional summary, a story of data quantifying your value, or even brand logos that recognize top-tier clientele.
Always take the time to think about your past experiences and how to characterize that value in a way that can be quickly understood.

There’s power in social media

Most would think this is a no-brainer, but it’s importance to have a strong presence across the appropriate channels. Many freelancers will only put effort into Twitter while neglecting to create a substantial LinkedIn page.
The days of having a credible presence in only one location online are far gone Click To Tweet
The days of having a credible presence in only one location online are far gone, all of your profiles should represent your brand.
Employers are looking for skilled individuals, but the added bonus comes with bringing along your own audience. Allow yourself this extra leverage by doing your best to build out your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook account if necessary.

Build an efficient and credible portfolio

A cohesive online identity is necessary for the top tier freelancers, but a reliable online portfolio is another must-have when looking to bring on bigger brands as clients.
Yes, of course, your portfolio showcases your best work, but it also has to do so efficiently. Readers aren’t going to spend a long time navigating your site looking for specific content. Make it easier on them and benefit your perceived value by streamlining your online portfolio.
What is it that you do? Can you say this in one sentence? (Check out these tips for creating a bio that pops!)
Have you worked with anyone we would know about?
What work of yours should we know about to get an understanding of your experience?
All of these are important questions that your portfolio should confront with easy to find answers.

Do you have any references?

Good references sound like an old-fashioned approach, but they’ve almost become social capital in this day and age. Whether your references are shown through LinkedIn recommendations or the more traditional PDF call sheet, they still matter.
A reference from past projects, co-workers, or upper management can go a long way when it comes to securing future roles. Employers want to know that you’re everything you’re portrayed to be. Often, the offer of references leaves a lasting impression.
A reference from past projects, co-workers, or upper management can go a long way. Click To Tweet
You also shouldn’t overlook the recommendations on LinkedIn: these public confirmations of expertise are necessary to anyone who views your profile. Don’t be afraid to ask former colleagues to write a few sentences about their work experience with you. They’d be happy to have your input shared on their profile as well!
There are a few things to keep in check before raising your freelance rates but once done, your biggest worries will be finding the time to fit in new clients.

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