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5 Great Online Communities for Freelance Marketers

  • By Marjorie Hopkins
  • November 25, 2020

Freelance online marketers, like several other freelance professionals, often work alone. Their job takes them into the spheres of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to name a few. They spend hours scheduling posts on different websites and running targeted advertisements meant to draw more people in. However, online marketers can never truly work alone. They are constantly interacting with the outside world through social platforms and must keep on top of social, political, and industry trends.
It is, therefore, helpful that so many online marketing communities exist. There are some specific to marketing on different social media websites, and some that cover all facets of marketing online. These communities are safe spaces where online marketers can sign in and post questions, or use their knowledge and experience to answer the questions of others. Below are some of the top online marketing communities that exist today.

Reddit for Freelance Marketers

It turns out that the popular self-proclaimed ‘front page of the internet,’ Reddit, houses a helpful and honest online marketing community. In its online marketing subrReddit, marketers can find the latest and most relevant digital news and questions. Users flock to this thread to ask questions about anything from digital catalogs, to ecommerce, to the best SEO tools. While many Redditors use this subcategory to look for answers to their professional conundrums, there are almost as many that start threads with helpful, updated information about the online marketing sphere.
Reddit prides itself on being one of the most expansive and open online communities out there. It is a website that covers every topic imaginable, including an ‘aww’ subcategory that is solely pictures of cute animals and children. People who do not spend a lot of time in this online community tend to forget that it is filled with serious professionals who are not shy about giving advice. Joining the online marketing community on Reddit is not only pragmatic, it can also be fun!


While Reddit is a place for all digital marketers, GrowthHackers is a community specifically for those who want to drive growth with their marketing. This website is all about collaboration. Individual people or teams can sign up to join the discussion for free, and then network with other professional digital marketers to decide the best way to use online resources to grow a customer base. GrowthHackers is not just a forum with questions and resources, it is an interactive platform with videos, growth studies, real-time interviews with successful marketers, and more.
This website is used by well-known companies such as Lootcrate, who bring their expertise to every user discussion, and can even be utilized by digital marketing teams for entire companies.

Moz Community

Everyone in the digital marketing sphere knows about Moz (and if you don’t, go check out its helpful resources here.) It is one of the most trusted authorities in the online marketing realm. Therefore, of course it has an community forum to unite and help online marketers. The Moz Community is split up into three separate sections – the Mozinars, or webinars with digital marketing experts, the Q&A, on which anyone in the community can post a question or an answer, and the Events, through which Moz keeps its community updated about upcoming get-togethers.
Moz is a comprehensive platform, therefore its online marketing community touches upon all possible avenues for digital marketing.  The Mozinars cover everything from how to use Google Analytics, to A/B Testing, to how to best implement SEO for a campaign marketing to multiple locations. The Q&A section gets more in-depth than the webinars with questions about errors on blog websites and duplicate URLs, to name a couple. Additionally, the events page brings people together to ensure that this online marketing community is an actual community.

Quora is Great for Marketing

Quora is specifically a question/answer platform that has a subtopic for digital marketing. Quora is a professional community that people in every field frequent for answers to pressing questions and to build up their reputation as an influencer. The online marketing community is especially prevalent on this platform, covering very basic digital advertising questions to ones that are more advanced. Additionally, it includes users from all over the world.
This community is resourceful for freelancers because Quora monitors how related each answer is to its question and generally does not allow unhelpful comments. Additionally, it has users active all hours of the day, for those who need a question answered quickly. Quora is not only good for asking questions of your own, but also for reading through to discover facets of digital marketing that you want to start working on, or to grow.

ProductHunt’s Marketing Community

ProductHunt provides a different kind of community for online marketers, freelance and full-time. More specifically, it is an interactive forum that introduces different digital tools. People create all sorts of apps to share on ProductHunt, but those tagged with ‘online marketing’ or ‘digital marketing’ comprise its specific online marketing community. Users can learn about the latest apps created to help digital marketers, and then provide feedback straight to the app’s creators. The best thing about ProductHunt is that the apps get very specific.
For example, users have created a smart Instagram scheduling app, an app helping those with a small budget best use Google AdWords, and even a smart Twitter unfollowing app. There are resources made specifically to explain certain online marketing concepts as well, in the form of manuals and ebooks. Also, Product Hunt was just acquired by AngelList, so the community should become more beneficial as more professionals are added to the pool.
These five online marketing communities help users stay on top of digital marketing trends, as well as troubleshoot in a time of need. Become a part of the above to be the best online marketer you can be.

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