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50 Designers You Should Be Following on Dribbble

  • November 25, 2020

I’ve never posted anything to Dribbble. Ever. (I’m sure this is not how you expected this article to start off.) Wait, I just did it! I posted my first shot to Dribbble!

You see, “shots” are screenshots in Dribbble-speak (AKA in-progress project previews) and your first shot is always featured on the site, automatically, to an audience of amazing designers from around the globe. This not-so-tiny detail pressured me to sit on the sidelines and wait for a worthy first shot to post.

While this post isn’t about me, I must say: I freakin’ love Dribbble. I visit the site multiple times a week to gather inspiration, surface talented, up-and-coming freelancers and generally experience design FOMO.

As it has been so valuable to me, I wanted to share 50 of the best, most badass, most inspirational people I follow on Dribbble. Some are kinda famous, and some will sure be in the future. (Full disclosure: This list definitely skews towards UI designers, as that’s more in my wheel-house.)

Here we go (in alphabetical order):

Alex Rinker
The shot shared below is from Alex. It only takes one example from him to show what he can accomplish with typeface alone.

Axel Gillino
Axel, not Alex this time. This designer is off the charts when it comes to mobile UI. Check out the work he did with Breather, for example.

Barthelemy Chalvet
As a Frenchman, small wonder than Barthelemy’s color palletes go together like pommes and frites. #dayofperfectcomparisons

Ben Cline
Been following Ben a couple of years now. His UI work is crazy-thoughtful and you can definitely see the influence of national parks in his work.

Ben Schade
This might sound super-specific, but I really like Ben’s use of gradients.

Breanna Rose
I am a big fan of Breanna’s clean use of type.

Brent Schoepf
I’ll drink to Brent’s latest case study, which represents work done on behalf of Bourbon brand.

Brian Hoff
I’m not entirely sure what North Parallel is, but the work under that umbrella is quite nice.

Chloe Park
Chloe stands out for her elegant, hand-drawn wireframes. No wonder she’s now kicking it at Facebook.

Cole Rise
Cole’s haptic app icons are impressive, though his last post was in 2015, so let’s hope he’s dropping some new stuff soon! #nopressurecole

Corey Haggard
Corey, I only follow you because you have a lion in one of your mocks. We need more lions.

Criss Samson
The look of Criss’ UI work is incredible: fresh and modern. I also love his custom cover art.

David Kovalev
Note David’s use of perspectives and depth. He’s also got some surprising moves in his UI animation work.

Dawid Liberadzki
Dawid’s UI work nearly as thoughtful as himself in his profile picture.

Deividas Graužinis
Great illus for lefty, Deivi!

Dinesh Shrestha
UI designer from Nepal!

Dominik Väyrynen
Dominik is a designer at Shopify and he does some nice, hand-drawn type.

Erik Deiner
Mein Erik? Dein Erik? Unser Erik!

Erwin Hines
Really nice, modern editorial-UI design.

George Vasyagin
George wants to date furniture.

Glenn Hitchcock
I worked with Glenn on an app for Rdio (RIP!) in the past. Serious talent.

Ivan’s portfolio has some really nice vector illustrations.

Javi Pérez
Javi is 1% mystery.

Jeremy Perez-Cruz
Peep work from Jeremy, who is a brand designer at Uber NYC.

Kerem Suer
Kerem has worked for a ton of Bay Area startups, and is pretty much Dribbble-famous by now.

Kyle Anthony Miller
He has done some nice work for Loom.

Luboš Volkov
Head to this page for super nice, simple UI animations.

Mag Lewis
Mag’s a talented NY-based designer and part of the design collective, Ghostly Ferns. Check her pillow pattern below:

Mary Lou
Mary, you’re not TBD, you’re right here. Featured in a list.

Maria Shanina
The work for her Curve app is pretty slick.

Matteo Pasuto
Hailing from Italy, Matteo makes this roundup for his super clean UI work.

Michael Wong
Someone’s bragging about hanging with the Dann Petty.

Nick Franchi
Super cool, somewhat mysterious work going on here. What’s up, Nick?

Oli Lisher
Nice use of illustrations in UI.

Olia Gozha
Olia has designed of a ton of great UI themes.

Olly Sorsby
Olly is a UI designer from the UK, who surprisingly recommends a pretty cheap Dell monitor.

Not entirely sure if this is a person or a shop, but the work is stellar, especially the little animations like this one:

Ramil Derogongun
Ramil’s a UI designer from the Philippines. 

Rich Tabor
I dig Rich for his clean work. Check out some of the themes he’s selling.

Risha Egart
Risha is a designer at Evernote who does some great illustrations.

Robert Andersen
Robert is a creative director at Square, where he’s been for 8+ years. Great f-ing ride. I am a huge fan of Square’s design work.

Rosie Manning
Following her Dribbble is more like reading her blog. Really cool to read a bit more insight into how things came to be.

Samson Vowles
British interaction designer currently kicking it in Mexico. #nomadlife

Simon Ålander
Great type work out of Sweden. Gotta love this one.

If you don’t like this illustration, there must be something wrong with you.

Tim Van Damme
Dribbble-famous. Surely, you follow him already.

Victor Erixon
Victor is a designer from NYC who has some insanely popular freebies.

Wouter de Bres
You like clean work from the Netherlands? Go here.

Yizhou Li
Let’s make Yizhou famous. I especially love the cover image of this post. Go follow and like the work.

Zhenya & Artem
Really clean UI design from NYC or Ukraine. Perhaps both.

Big thanks to Fiverr Workspace’s own designer, Mag, who helped curate this list of talented designers. Who else would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments, even if it’s yourself. 🙂

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