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6 Great Ways to use Zapier with Fiverr Workspace

  • By Kris
  • November 25, 2020

Heyo, your Chief Operator Kris here! Sometimes when I’m flying through messages in the in-app support chat, people wonder if there’s a real human behind the scenes, or if I’m really just an emoji-loving robot. 🤖 ❤️

I’m proud to say that here at Fiverr Workspace we pride ourselves on our all-human customer support staff, but sometimes it’s good to have robots on your side. You may not know it, but with our brilliant Zapier integration, you can get them working for you to create some pretty nifty new workflows!

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for that perfect union between Fiverr Workspace and another favorite app, Zapier might be right for you! Zapier puts lighting-fast integrations at your fingertips, empowering you to forge connections between Fiverr Workspace and other apps, like Google Sheets, Slack and Mailchimp. Once you’ve created a “Zap” you can sit back and let Zapier do all the hard work.

To get started, head to Settings > Integrations > Zapier. Go ahead and create your Zapier account if you don’t have one yet. You’ll be prompted to connect Fiverr Workspace by logging in.

Note that while our Zapier integration is available on our Free plan, many of the below apps require a Paid subscription to access the integration.

Here are some of our favorite combinations!

1. Add a new Fiverr Workspace client to your MailChimp mailing list

Zapier makes it really easy to connect Fiverr Workspace to one of over 1,000 apps—we’ve even added some common workflow suggestions right to the main Zap page for AND CO.

After you’ve connected your Fiverr Workspace account, you can get started with connecting MailChimp by following the example screenshots below:

We’ve already prepared some common integrations for you as templates: click here to get started!

You’ll be prompted to connect your MailChimp account as well.

Zapier will let you set up the Zap by testing it with one of your most recent clients. Pick whichever one you want: the selections you make here will apply moving forward to all new clients.

Here I’ve selected my MailChimp newsletter and the email I want to place in it from my Client example. Zapier will now know which field contains the email that you want to pull for each new entry. You can even ensure that for clients with multiple email contacts, all of them are used here.

After testing your Zap, you’ll see your new contact already subscribed to MailChimp! From this point on, the process is automated as long as you’ve switched the Zap “On!”

2. Automatically save a PDF to Dropbox every time you send an Invoice

When you send an Invoice to a client in AND CO, we automatically create a handy PDF and send it in an email to you and your client. You will also be able to head to your Fiverr Workspace account on the web to download the PDF quickly to your computer. But wouldn’t it be cool to have it neatly filed away somewhere? With Zapier, you can link Fiverr Workspace and Dropbox together and ensure that every single time Fiverr Workspace creates a PDF, it ends up in a Dropbox folder!

Zapier will already know where to grab the PDF from; just make sure you have a folder in DropBox ready to go, and watch the magic happen!

Bonus: Dropbox can create a folder automatically every time you create a client and project! Have a folder ready to go for every new job you create. Perfect if you have a lot of files and materials to share with your clients. 

3.Turn an order form into a Task generator with Wufoo

Wufoo from SurveyMonkey is perfect for your customer surveys, questionnaires, and forms. And, whenever a lead or client fills one out, you can create a Zap that will instantly create a client or a Task!

With Wufoo, you can choose from a list of form templates, including Photography orders and product order forms such as the one below:

Zapier will pull information directly from your form and stick right into AND CO! You can then go ahead and create Contracts, Projects and Invoices for your new Client, or take action based on this Task. You can decide which field from your WuFoo survey will appear as part of the Task name. In the below example, each form entry in WuFoo will create a Task called “Setup Call with” and then the client’s first name as a variable. You could even have “Description” populate with the phone number!

Please note that Zapier will only be available for the paid version of the Wufoo software. 

4. Keep your Income & Expenses organized with Google Sheets

This one can work both ways! Want Fiverr Workspace info to populate a Google Sheet? What about importing entries to a Sheet directly into AND CO? Zapier can bridge the gap here and make sure an edit to one is an edit to both: connecting to Google Sheets is easy and will completely automate this process!

Let’s look at how we can use Zapier to create expense reports instantly.

With this setup, every time I create an expense, Zapier will add a row to a Google Sheet I’ve made called Fiverr Workspace Expenses:

Connecting it to Zapier, you’ll see it prompt you to enter which info from Fiverr Workspace will appear in each column.

5.Send a personal email every time you create a client from your Gmail account

Want to welcome a client with a custom message every time you add them to your Fiverr Workspace account? By connecting your Gmail account you can trigger an email from your Gmail account to send to any newly added clients.

You’ll be able to create a custom message and subject header and use your personal Gmail address. All you’ll need to do for this to be sent is to create a client in Fiverr Workspace and add their contact information: Zapier will handle the rest!

6.Create a new client in Fiverr Workspace every time someone makes an appointment in Calendly

You’ll need a paid Pro plan for Calendly to take advantage of this cool feature.

Calendly is an app that allows you to send prospective clients a calendar to book appointments with you instantly.

With the below Zapier set-up, every time someone clicks to schedule an appointment, they will appear in your Fiverr Workspace account as a client:

You can then work on Projects, Time tracking or create a Proposal for your new client!

Side note: On Fiverr Workspace’s free plan, you can have as many clients as you want as long as they are not active. An active client is a client you are directly corresponding with via invoices, contracts, proposals or subscriptions.

These are six of literally thousands of different combinations you can make – check out some of our other templates or discover your own! You can always feel free to give us a shout on our customer service chat – your Chief Operators (especially me) would be more than happy to join you on your very own Zapier expedition!

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