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7 Dribbble Staffers Share Their Favorite Community Portfolios

  • By Adela Belin
  • November 25, 2020

The premier hub for designers to showcase their work—or work in progress—and get feedback, Dribbble is a go-to resource for thousands of creatives worldwide. Not only is it a strong community-connector, but it’s also an inspiration goldmine. Whether using it to peruse top talent to get your own creative juices flowing, or as a platform to hire talent or find a co-collaborator, opportunities on here are endless.
Since the site is a main source for design talent, we had a hunch their staff would be super keen on the best profiles and talent out there (we were right).
Here, 7 top Dribbble staffers dish on their favorite Dribbble artists and why we should keep an eye out for them.

Blake Kathryn

Picked By: Alison Harshbarger, Community Manager
Why I Dig It: I am blown away by all the incredible 3D work shared on Dribbble. I really love the colors and imagery Blake uses in her work. You can also find her work in the latest 3D for Designers zine, Primitive.

Dann Petty

Picked By: Zack Onisko, CEO
Why I Dig It: I’ve been a fan boy of Dann for some years now. I love his overall style and attitude. It’s apparent that every new thing he works on he’s trying to push himself creatively in new directions and play with new aesthetics, whether it’s handwritten elements, big beautiful photos, videos, or a well considered type treatment that tie a composition together. I’m astonished by all the projects that he has his hands in. I don’t know where he finds the time. You’ll often find him on Twitter sending out positive vibes or offering advice to up and comers. He’s a great designer and really good dude.

Sergio Ingravalle

Picked By: Adam Darowski, Product Designer & Front-end Engineer
Why I Dig it: I liked Sergio’s work because of his subject matter (he often illustrates footballers—and given the fact that he hails from Germany he often chooses my favorite Bundesliga players as subjects). But it is his many styles that hooked me, particularly his scribble portraits. The fact that he can create a dynamic, detailed representation of a player by scribbling blows my mind (and runs completely opposite to anything I could ever do).

Meg Lewis

Picked By: Max Lind, Head of Partnerships
Why I Dig It: I’d argue one of the hardest parts of a designers job is breathing life/personality into their work. I’d also argue that Meg is by far one of the best at doing exactly that. Her work is as visually interesting as it is emotionally connected (which she speaks to specifically), and includes straightforward but zany copy that’s often as impressive.

Carolyn Figel

Picked By: Hallie Rose Taylor, Community Assistant
Why I Dig It: Carolyn has a perfect blend of absurdity and reality that really engages me. Her illustrations are skillful, thought provoking, relevant, and often hilarious. I am personally very detailed and serious in my work, as well as verbose in my descriptions, often getting vulnerable about how I felt while I made it, so I admire folks who commit to simplicity in their presentation. I love seeing folks sink into a style and take it as far as it can go like Carolyn has done.

Octavi Navarro

Picked By: Jeffrey Chupp, Head of Engineering
Why I Dig It: I’m a sucker for pixel art and Octavi’s consistently blows my mind. He manages to convey an amazing amount of detail and personality in such a small grid of pixels. I highly recommend watching his time-lapse videos on YouTube for an inside look at how it all comes together.

Fore Design (Amy Parker & Dan Perrara)

Picked By: Rich Thornett, Co-founder
Why I Dig It: I’m a sucker for sports, data visualizations, and clever uses of Dribbble. With their Red Sox Scores project, Amy and Dan nail all three. It’s an ambitious effort that highlights their energy and creativity as they post daily shots to illustrate the outcome of every Red Sox game. Each visualization is a crisp, fun visual puzzle to decipher. They’re an ideal use case for how we hoped designers might use our platform–they’ve created a fascinating project that’s fun for Dribbble community to follow, and they’ve benefitted deservedly from doing so. Win-win (even when the Red Sox don’t!).

There you have it. The staff at Dribbble dishing on their favorite profiles. Inspiration on inspiration.

Which Dribble profiles inspire you? Drop us a comment below!

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