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A How to Guide to Expand Your Freelancing Brand Using Email Newsletters

  • By Adela Belin
  • November 25, 2020

Working as an online freelancer is fantastic. You can do things like be your own boss, you can work from the comfort of your home, and choose the hours that you work. However, there is a lot of work that goes into being successful.

In the technology era, you have the ability to use a lot of resources to be competitive in your industry, create an online presence, and ultimately attract customers. To do this, you need to be proactive in your learning and strategy building. An effective manner is to break the process down into steps, so it isn’t overwhelming.

This article will help you do just that by being a guide to expand your freelancing brand using email newsletters.

1. Picking the best platform for email marketing

If you are trying to grow your freelancing brand, odds are you are new to this industry. That’s why it is a strategic choice to pick an emailing tool to send out newsletters. Doing this will give you an opportunity to reap short-term results. Especially as a newcomer, relying on a freelancing marketplace to adopt leads by only using email to send out the project details is the typical strategy.

This however, should not be the end game result you want. By building your own website, and therefore your own platform, you will look like a strong player in your industry. 80 percent of online freelancers expressed that they either have or want to have their own website as the main platform to interact with potential clients. Some of the best platforms are Mailchimp and AWeber. The first one is very good if you are only beginning as it’s free when you have a certain number of subscribers.

2. Start your outreach

Now that you are using the best platform for email marketing, your subscriber base will start growing for your newsletter. From this subscriber base, you will want to start singling out potential clients. You will have to create a personal relationship with potential customers if you want them to hire you. Take the initiative to start an outreach drive that is created specifically for these prospective clients. Here are some things to remember when you start this outreach campaign via a template email:

  • Be clear: Be direct with what your call to action is. Do you want them to buy a product, join a group, etc.? Introduce yourself in a brief and concise way, and then get to the point.
  • A greeting that is personal: Your potential customer probably receives a lot of templated emails every week. You want yours to stand out, and you can do that by referring to them by their first name or make a personalized statement to each prospective client.
  • Be direct about the benefits: Why should they care about the email and what you are selling. By formatting the email properly, you can highlight the value they will get out of your product. Remember, be straight to the point and don’t make your email convoluted. Find that perfect balance between appeal and chaos.

3. Constructing the perfect email

Now that you know how to create a great outreach campaign, you need to make sure your email newsletters are professional and engaging. Luckily there are many tools on the internet to help you construct the best emails. Here is a brief list of different tools you can use to aid in the expansion of your freelancing brand:

4. Create a blog to increase your subscriptions

Most people say that they do not want to give out their information to a website without a real reason to. However, 70 percent of people are willing to give out their information if they are going to benefit from it. That’s why it is important to make it easy for potential clients to see the value you will bring. A way to do this is creating an informative, professional-looking blog. Your content should be useful, helpful and attention-grabbing. For instance, you could implement a news feed which would inform your audience of industry news. Use images to grab attention and possibly videos as well.

5. Create an incentive for subscription

Having an opt-in offer to incentivize your potential client is a fantastic strategy for you to use. There are a lot of different offers you can grant to increase your subscription numbers: these can be things like free eBooks, a special deal, a trial period for your service, or exclusive content that you can only get as a newsletter subscriber.

As a freelancer, you make your own rules when it comes to what offer you make. The best way to increase your subscription count is to solve the customers problem with this offer but create a demand for your product or service. They will be excited that their problem has been alleviated, and they will want to use your product or service going forward. An example of this could be offering an eBook about the best landing page designs if you’re a freelance web developer. They will get something out of the free eBook regardless, but they may be enticed to reach out to you about your entire service. Another incentive for readers is a high-quality newsletter.

You want your customers to be engaged with the newsletter and wanting to read more. Make sure you send one out often to stay on the top of their mind. If it gets to a point where you do not have an idea for your blog or newsletter, repost older content or extract content from other sources.

6. Do not neglect your newsletter

Working as a freelancer is a lot of work. You have only yourself to rely on to get tasks done. Since this is the case, sometimes things get placed to the side and forgotten. This can happen with your newsletter if you prioritize things higher than it. Remember, a newsletter is an effective way to grow your freelancing brand, and it is an important marketing tool that shouldn’t be forgotten. Elijah Yuh, a marketer at Big Assignments and Ox Essays explains, “People lead busy lives and with the age of the internet, content is plentiful. A customer may be excited to join your newsletter at the start, but if the content isn’t regular, the customer may move on to other competitors or industries.”

7. Don’t be afraid of cold prospects

You will want to keep expanding your newsletter, and in turn, your outreach campaigns to more potential clients. Another way to pull in new subscribers to your newsletter is to seek out people via social media platform. You can message people on many different platforms and may be able to pick up a few new prospects from it. This is the digital equivalent to cold calls and has proven to be an effective way to increase subscribers.

Freelancing is a very tough and demanding career, but the benefits from it are fantastic. It takes a lot of work to create a lucrative endeavor and every piece of information can help. Expanding your freelancing brand using email newsletters is an effective strategy that has been used time and time again. Follow these tips to expand your brand and you will be on your way to a fulfilling and exciting career as a freelancer.

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