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Fiverr Workspace Answers Your Freelance Questions with GIFs

  • By Adela Belin
  • January 29, 2021

Fiverr Workspace’s Chief Operators help run your business. At just a text away, they’ve crafted invoices, filed expenses, and even answered your tax-deductible questions. Some of the frequently asked questions they run into are more about the app than managing a freelancer’s business.
That’s why we’re harnessing the super fun and useful Capture Your Reaction feature from Droplr to answer some of your common questions today:

Am I Talking to a Bot?

Nope! Here at AND CO, we are proud to combine smart tech with highly educated humans so our members receive the fastest, most pleasant experience.
A fun fact about our Chief Operators: Every CO has pursued studies beyond the baccalaureate level.

Can I Time Track on the App?

You bet! Our members asked, and we’re proud to say we delivered. Time tracking is the newest feature within the Fiverr Workspace app and it might just be the coolest built-in tool for freelancers who value transparency and efficiency! Check out all the details (and some pretty sweet gifs).

Does a Timesheet Have to be on My Invoice?

Know who decides that? You do! Timesheets on invoices are totally optional. Just let your CO know what you prefer, and they’ll make it happen!

Does Fiverr Workspace Calculate Quarterly Tax Payments?

We do! Our quarterly tax calculator will quickly and easily prepare you for the quarter ahead. Visit here for all the details. And if there is ever a question about how much to save and deduct, your CO is at the ready to answer those inquiries!

Will Fiverr Workspace File My Taxes for Me?

Fiverr Workspace doesn’t file your taxes, but we would be happy to recommend you to a CPA who specializes in freelancers’ taxes. Just give a shout to your Chief Operator for a quick intro!

Is it Mandatory to Have a Business Bank Account?

We strongly recommend that you separate your personal finances from your business earnings and expenses. A business bank account allows for you to see clearly and concretely the finances of your freelance business. And Fiverr Workspace makes it even more crystal clear about what would be tax deductible and when you have been paid!

Do You File Expenses in Tax Categories?

You bet we do! Simply connect your business bank account OR forward your receipts to your Chief Operator at CO@AND.CO. Your CO will take care of all the rest – from filing to categorizing to billing your client!

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