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Fiverr Workspace is Proud to Support Creative Mornings San Francisco

  • By Adela Belin
  • November 25, 2020

It’s essential for us all. From the solitary to the most connected of humans, support keeps us moving and motivated through the ups and downs of life and business. For creatives across the world, and especially freelancers, support can often be hard to find. It’s important to have a collective of intelligent thinkers around you that will spark ideas and challenge your work to reach its maximum potential. Whether it’s a mentor or a respected colleague in the creative field, together you provide support for your ideas, creations, and general relationships.
Be it the momentary break from a stretch of solitary work or the routine meetup to discuss your recent projects, creatives occasionally require support from their community. When you find a great group, cherish it and give back to it so others can benefit from it just like you did.
It’s ethos like that that embody CreativeMornings chapters across the globe. Since its beginnings in New York City in 2008, CreativeMornings has spread like wildfire, igniting creative minds and forming communities in each city it establishes chapters in. The growth of CreativeMornings built an amazing support network that helps creatives meet fellow creatives and get inspired more than before. From Brooklyn to Austin to Aarhus to Zurich, 151 cities across the world now embrace the idea of a monthly breakfast lecture, 20-minute talk, and the sweet, sweet perk of free, delicious coffee–all in the sake of furthering a supportive creative community. Each month, creatives have a place to discuss, network, and enjoy the company of the community they might not have otherwise tapped into.
That’s why Fiverr Workspace is proud to be the newest supporter of CreativeMornings/San Francisco!
With so many great cities to potentially work with, San Francisco was a hard, yet obvious, choice. As a hotbed of creative and innovative freelancers, Fiverr Workspace knew it had to link up with the great folks at CreativeMornings/SF. With incredible leadership from the likes of Rita Troyer and dynamic speakers like Sim Thadani, it was a no-brainer to be part of the community and provide a bit more support to the creative network. For AND CO, freelance is our focus and supporting the community at large is our end-game.
By combining leading smart technology with skilled Chief Operators, Fiverr Workspace generates invoices, tracks payments and hours logged, and even answers some tax-deductible related questions, amongst a growing array of offerings for our members. In doing so, freelancers open up their schedules–allowing them to focus more on their craft and business rather than the millstone-like burden of administrative tasks and learning complicated invoicing software.
We hope you’ll be at the September 30th event! 

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