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Fiverr Workspace’s Free Time Tracking Desktop App

  • By Sophie McAulay
  • November 25, 2020

Ever wished you could spend even less time tracking your time?
So did a few other people… (Thanks Andrea C, Stuart, Ryan, and others!)
And we love nothing more than to grant wishes, so we’ve got an exciting announcement…
(Drumroll please.)

Today we’ve launched a brand new Desktop App for Mac and Chrome. It’s designed to help you track time and tasks super fast, as well as serve as a shortcut to the full web app.
It makes it even easier to manage your time and tasks, so you can spend more time focusing on doing what you love. #TimeIsMoney
What can you do with the new Desktop App?

  • Track your time right from your Chrome browser or Mac menu bar.
  • View how long you have spent on a task with just a click.
  • Integrate with the full web app to automatically create invoices based on your tracked time.

Here’s more about the features of the new Desktop App.
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Track time super fast

With the Desktop App, it only takes two clicks to get the timer rolling. You can choose from your previous tasks or add a new one. Click on ‘Recent Acivity’ to see how much time you’ve spent on your recent tasks, and edit them on the fly.

Track and manage tasks

Open the ‘Tasks’ tab to see what tasks are due and upcoming. Simply start typing to create new tasks lightening-fast.

The shortcut to everything else

Get to everything else Fiverr Workspace offers super fast with contextual shortcuts to the web app. It’s the fast-track to managing your business better.
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AND what?

As well as task and time tracking, Fiverr Workspace helps you run your business with simpler proposals, contracts, invoicing, payments, and expense tracking. And everything is integrated to help make running your business easier. See what else you can be doing with the software in our intro video.

Got a wish list?

We’re creating the all-in-one software for freelancers and entrepreneurs, so you can keep all your business management in one place.
Got a great idea for how Fiverr Workspace could help you run your business better? Please reach out from within the app and let us know. We take all your feedback super seriously and we follow up on every message we get.
This app is built for you, so help us help you!
And please help us spread the word too…

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