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The Best Freelance Instagram Accounts To Follow Right Now

  • By Adela Belin
  • November 25, 2020

Using Instagram is an awesome way to market yourself as a freelancer and showcase some of your work. Whether you’re just starting out, or need a much-needed daily dose of motivation to help you make the leap, there’s tons of freelance-oriented accounts serving up practical freelance tips, quotes, and ideas.
There’s also a wealth of freelancers ready to show their work, give a peek inside their lives and provide some motivation. Whether you’re looking for some fresh accounts to add to your Instagram newsfeed when you scroll, or are in need of some freelance motivation and insight, these ten accounts will not disappoint.
Happy viewing!


The site that is dedicated to empowering lady freelancers everywhere with resources and advice, also has the perfect Instagram page to complement its words of wisdom. With motivational quotes, features of freelance creatives and all-around awesome designs, this feed is both visually pleasing and will get your freelance juices flowing in no time. Started by Jess Levitz, this account brings its inspiring freelance community alive. Join in!


Freelancers know a thing or two about the need to find a suitable place to work out of everyday. If you’re keen on visiting local coffee shops or coworking spaces, then this feed is for you. With daily features of where freelancers and remote workers are working out of each day, there’s an endless pool of places for you to keep in mind when you’re looking for the perfect spot to rest your laptop on and get some work done. Aside from featuring these great spots, the feed also serves up daily hustle motivations to keep on that grind.


Founded by freelance Fashion & Lifestyle Photographer Justin Bridges, this account is a visual guide into the life of a freelancer always on the move, whether showing his shooting locations, travel spots or promoting his blog It’s an awesome and honest glimpse into the freelance life from a person who’s both serious about his work and sharing what he’s gleaned from his freelance work, and likes to indulge in the fun his work and independence offers him.


Arm yourself with this female independence inspired account that’s intent on glorifying the female freelance and creative community, with good reason. Founder and freelance aficionado Phoebe Lovatt perfectly expresses the working women’s lifestyle with inspiring posts of women, words to work by, and photos to inspire your creative energy and get to work. She also turns the lens on the empowering females that make up this community and the many events her club puts on.


If you’re wondering how to work, and make it work (aka indulge in your side hustle and passion) look no further than this design-envy inducing feed from Huge’s designer and freelancer, Victor. With endless design posts to look at, Victor gives you insight into his creations and is a great example of showcasing your work and generating some business leads. Feast your eyes on his logos and illustrations and be inspired to create some of your own.


This freelance illustrator and prop stylist knows the power of using Instagram to express and showcase her awesome work. The result is a (seemingly) endless scroll of fun animations and paper art with color and apropos content. If you’re a freelance illustrator or artist, her feed will help you define what you want your personal Instagram ‘strategy’ to be to make the most of this channel and inspire work envy from your peers.


This relatively small but mighty Instagram accounts is made for freelance designers ready to start their freelance career. With practical tips and advice on things like how to price your work, draft a contract template, and finding self-motivation, the feed is your Instagram go-to BFF for encouragement. Sometimes we all just need a little love to push ourselves, and this feed won’t soon disappoint.


If you’re looking for some blogger/photographer inspiration, this feed by Emma Hoareau will make you want to turn freelance, stat. A photographer by trade, Emma’s photos induce the right kind of glimpse into this type of freelance lifestyle, including the boundless perks. Whether you’re interested in fashion, beauty and travel or simply want to follow someone who’s been at the freelance game for a few years and has some tips up her sleeve for success, give this feed a follow and reap the benefits.
Got any accounts to add to the list? Let us know!

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