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Freelance Fashion: 5 Perfect Outfits for Every Freelance Lifestyle

  • By Georgia Dolenz
  • November 25, 2020

Whether you’re working for multiple clients, managing different projects, or keeping track of time-sheets, freelancing requires a great deal of multitasking (Fiverr Workspace can help with that ;). Each day is filled with a new set of hurdles and problems to solve. Don’t let your wardrobe be one of them. Deciding what to wear can be just as time-consuming as building an Excel pivot table, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 go-to uniforms to ‘suit’ every type of freelancer!

The Full-Time Suit in a Part-Time Color

Pair a fancy suit with a fun pastel shirt and you’ll look professional and approachable. This get-up is reserved for all of you corporate freelancers, working in swanky boardrooms riddled with ergonomic furniture and free massage chairs. You want people to know you’re professional but also just the right amount of care-free. The suit says ‘business’, but the pastel shirt says “I wake up at a reasonable hour and know where all of the power outlets are in my local Starbucks.”

The Freelancer’s News Anchor Approach

Freelancing can often mean having to jump on a video call at 7:00am EST while you’re still clocking Zs on the west coast. If this scenario happens more often than not, then give the uniform that works in TV newsrooms a go–business on the top, casual on bottom.
Set the alarm, crawl out of bed, don a smart shirt, and leave your bottom half still in catching Zs mode! You’ll look nothing but professional to your colleagues on the other side of the camera lens, and you can use the time you’d normally spend tying your shoelaces to create a killer presentation for the project that got you out of bed in the first place.
Remember, this uniform requires you to sit still. Do. Not. Stand. Up.

Housebound Freelancer

Every stay-at-home freelancer needs to be self-motivated and disciplined. It takes a great deal of commitment and focus to be your own supervisor, so why not be comfortable while doing it. That means donning your work attire even if you’re working from home that day.
But on some days, going ultra casual can be a treat to yourself. When you opt for one of those days, PJs are a staple element to the outfit, and pair nicely with untamed hair and/or un-brushed teeth. And let’s be honest, tracking your daily deliverables is best done in slippers and a onesie. Space these days out so you don’t fall into a too comfortable zone, but enjoy them when you’ve earned it.

The Eager-Beaver Suit

This uniform is not wasting any time. Already laid out at the foot of the bed, this freshly ironed suit eagerly awaits the day ahead. Just kick off the covers and you can pull on those fancy threads before your PJs have even hit the floor. Whether you’re designing from your living room or managing projects from your kitchen, the only thing that keeps you sane is the freshly ironed shirt on your back and the clean pair of socks tucked into your squeaky-clean shoes. Even when you’re tired and having ‘a morning’, when you walk the six feet from your bedroom to your office you can be damn sure you’ll be dressed in the finest suit you own. Nothing breeds productivity like being prepared.

The Corporate Chameleon

Black pants and a button-down shirt have never felt so versatile. Whether you’re popping into a corporate setting or working al fresco at your local Coffee Bean, this delightful combo allows you to float seamlessly across the city, from start-up to high-rise. Extra tip: throw on a reversible cardigan and the world’s your oyster.

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