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16 Free UI Kits & Templates for Designers

  • By Sophie McAulay
  • November 25, 2020

There’s so much that goes into designing something beautiful for a website or mobile application.Thankfully, designers are a generous bunch, and many of them have created kits and templates to make the job easier – and then made them available for free. Using these you can get something up and running much more quickly, without compromising on aesthetics or user-experience.There are all sorts of UI kits and templates out there, in PSDs as well as other formats like Sketch. Here is a diverse collection of hand-picked UI kits and templates to make your next project simpler.For more design freebies, check out Design DB – a database of carefully selected resources from around the web.


Amethyst: iPhone X App UI For Sketch Amethyst is a free UI kit for Sketch made by designer Tony Thomas. This freebie features six screens for a social media photography app for iPhone X. It includes Onboarding, Login, Home, Discovery, Profile and Settings screens.
Fitness App UI Kit

Creating a fitness app? Dhanish Gajjar created this free UI kit for Sketch, including 18 screens for designing a new fitness app.
Dating App UI Kit
Jeans Studio provides 20 mobile screens in this UI kit for a dating app. It features beautiful static designs as well as animations and transitions.

Chat App UI Sketch Resource
This free UI Sketch file created for a chat app was provided for free by designer Salvador Fernandez after his project was called off.
Freebie: Verve UI Kit
This UI Kit for an iOS photography and social app includes 15 PSDs along with elements all built in vector shapes.


User Profile Android UI Template for Sketch
This user profile template for Sketch by Bunin Dmitry is built with Plaster components. Each component has its own attributes and styles that can be adjusted and edited.


Form Library for SketchLooking to create simple forms in Sketch? This template created by Davide Pisauri will help you create user input forms in minutes. It provides labels, input fields, dropdown menus and error messages. The file even includes a brief guide that shows how to work with and customize symbols.


Smart Buttons Sketch Kit

This free smart button kit created by Domenico Laricchia in Sketch and Anima Autolayout provides designs for buttons that change when hovered over or pressed.
Basiliq – Freehand UI Kit
Basiliq is a Freehand UI Kit that offers artsy icon designs for Photoshop. There are over 300 customizable elements, so you can use it for almost any project.


Shards: A Modern UI Toolkit Based on Bootstrap 4This UI toolkit created for web makers by Catalin Vasile is fully responsive and includes 10 extra custom components to help cover almost any type of interface requirements, as well as two custom pre-built landing pages.
Oz Pinhas provided this Sketch and Photoshop kit of iOS 10 UI. It features system screens, notifications, navigation, tab bars, keyboards, pickers, action sheets and much more.
Cards 2.0 Framework & UI Kit for Webflow
Cards 2.0 is a free framework and UI Kit to help you design or wireframe a landing page. The kit, created by Jan Losert, includes 50 cards, 17 pages with 10 categories, style guide and three landing pages. You can use it to create wireframes directly in Webflow and create the code you need to publish.
Monocle UI Elements
This freebie from Maxine Heyns is a UI Elements kit featuring black and gold shades to make your web project look fantastic. The kit includes 23 user interface elements using only vector shapes and smart objects.
Wireframe Prototyping System Free Download
Ruslanlaty Pov provides this wireframe prototyping system to help you plan out projects for mobile as well as web. The flowcharts are easy to resize and customize using your own colors and styles.

Design your next project with efficiency

Great design requires creativity, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t use other people’s work to make things easier. These UI kits let you get started with the basics quicker so you can focus on customizing the things that will really make your project stand out.
Get lots more design freebies at Design DB.

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