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Not Just Halloween: Freelance Frights and How to Overcome Them 

  • By Georgia Dolenz
  • January 29, 2021

It’s close to midnight… and you’re sitting at your desk designing a logo for a client’s new startup. Suddenly, you hear a loud CRACK from outside! You slowly rise from your chair and walk to the front door to investigate. Just as you turn the handle, the door swings open to reveal… your friends! You’ve been working so hard that you completely forgot it was Halloween and you made plans! Here are some classic ‘freelance frights’ that might creep up on you this Fall. We’ve got the solutions to help keep the ghouls at bay and get you to that party!

When Bigfoot Attacks!

The nightmare that every Freelancer dreads; losing your biggest client. This can be even more terrifying if they are responsible for 90% of your income. Before you start running through the forest screaming ‘why me?!’, turn this nightmare into a learning experience. Don’t base too much of your income on just one client. Take on a variety of clients, big and small, to help spread the responsibility.

No One Can Hear You Scream!

Losing your Wi-Fi connection can be terrifying. It can make you feel like you’re all alone at a lake-house, with no power, and something just untied the boat from the dock; you can’t reach anyone, and you have no idea if you’ll survive the night. Stay calm, we’re here to help. Did you know that most smart phones have the ability to act as a HotSpot? You can use your phone’s 3G to create a Wi-Fi hub and connect your computer to the signal. This can be super useful if you’re at your local cafe and they’re having unexpected problems with their connection!

The Attack of the 50ft Freelance Tax Payment

There’s nothing worse than being surprised by a large, unexpected bill. Taxes are already taxing, so it’s even more frightening when a quarterly tax payment creeps up on you. You can keep these frightful payments at bay by using Fiverr Workspace to help keep you prepared and up-to-date with your taxes. Easy!

The Freelance Twilight (Time) Zone

For those freelancers who have clients all over the world, it can to tricky to schedule calls and make sure everyone’s on the same page. It’s even harder when you’re traveling, especially if you didn’t write down whether the meeting was PST or EST before you left. Don’t panic! Exorcise those demons with the help of your computer calendar! Most calendars have a location setting that automatically updates the times depending on your location. Make sure the location setting is switched on, and catch that plane!

The Case of the Missing Time Stamp

If you’re one of those superstar freelancers who charges by the minute and sets a timer for each project, you’ll understand the horror of by mistake resetting the clock before you had the chance to write down the time! Keeping track of the minutes you’ve spent on different clients throughout the day can be exhausting and complicated. Use Fiverr Workspace’s time tracking feature to keep track of multiple clients at one time, no matter how many projects you go back to in one day! Case closed!

Forgetful Frankenstein

We all know how hard it can be to keep on top of a simple to-do list when you’ve got appointments, conference calls, personal errands and last minute client requests to deal with. This busy schedule might cause you to suddenly wake up at 2am in a cold sweat because you forgot to respond to the text message your client sent in the middle of the day! Avoid these bloody curdling moments by using apps like Any.Do, an easy-to-use list app that makes it super simple to jot down last minute items on the run!

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