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The Search Is Over: Introducing The Gig List, by Fiverr Workspace

  • January 29, 2021

A gig’s a gig, right? WRONG.
We can all relate to that moment of finding the ultimate diamond in the rough. Amid hundreds of quasi-expired Indeed postings, dozens of LinkedIn messages and the occasional half-assed referral email from your former-CCO who has since wheeled his 32 CLIOs back home to Scandinavia, there is the occasional job description that looks too awesome to be true.
It’s a shame that these types of gigs can’t be found in one place—or better yet, delivered to your inbox at the same time every week, #amirite? (OK, so you probably see where we’re going with this…)
This week, Fiverr Workspace is launching The Gig List: your curated guide to the the most interesting freelance gigs on the internets and beyond. How does it work? Drop us your email here and here’s what will go down:

  • Every Wednesday morning you’ll get the latest Gig List in your box. Yay!
  • The roundup will feature 10 hand-picked jobs selected by Fiverr Workspace staffers who spent *way* too long in the catacombs of job boards and aggregators finding the best stuff (so you don’t have to).

The very first Gig List drops THIS week. Unlike J.Cole, this is about to go double-platinum with basically *only* features, so sign up now.

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