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About That Freelance Life: Why 2017 is the Year You Go Remote

  • By James Bennett II
  • November 25, 2020

I’m convinced that the end of the year is just about everyone’s favorite period of the calendar. Not because of the Thanksgiving and some much needed time with family and friends, but because of all those “year in review” lists. It’s like the internet hands you all the news you missed over the past twelve months and you get to consume the best and worst of everything in a matter of weeks. We’ve come to expect top picks for movies, music, literature. AND CO, being the dedicated freelance lifestyle guru that it is, is chipping in with a freelance year in review. A whole lot of awesome freelance-related stuff has gone down in 2016— and if the past is any indicator of the future, 2017 should be the year you go remote.

Freelancers Getting Paid. Justly.

For a long time,  the freelancing life was frowned upon by disapproving parents, friends, and 9-to-5 bosses. It was an alternative working mode that lacked the reliability and pay of its more traditional cousin. “Freelance” evoked the image of a scrappy starving artist— for good reason. It was just so hard to be sure you’d get paid fairly, if at all. Some clients would treat freelance work as disposable, leaving the individuals they hired high and dry.
But that’s changing, as unions and progressive legislation are creating a more favorable climate for freelancing workers. Take New York City for example. Back in October, they became the first city to pass a law that penalizes client nonpayment. With 38% of the City’s workforce freelancing, it only made sense that a law would come around to provide them labor rights and protections.  Freelancing is on the up, and it’s not unrealistic to believe other cities will follow New York’s example.

There’s a Whole Lot More of Us

In a previous post, we talked about several reasons Americans voted for the freelance lifestyle. One that stood out in particular? Cash. Student loans are no joke, and millennials living in cities are looking for ways to keep up with rising costs of living. Freelancing is providing a solution. If you’re not ready to make the full-time jump to a freelancing lifestyle, you’re not alone! Consider a recent study by LinkedIn, which reveals a sharp rise in the number of 9-to-5’ers picking up some kind of side gig. Part of being your own boss often means setting your own prices, and if you need to scoop up some extra income then 2017 might just be the year of your side hustle.

You Get to Live for You

Going remote is the ultimate New Year’s resolution. Instead of chipping away at one bad habit (or your gut), you’re giving your entire life an overhaul. You get to connect with what matters to you, in terms of work. By no means is freelancing/remote work a walk in the park— it requires incredible discipline, initiative, and resourcefulness. But it all becomes worth it once you realize how much time you’ve saved by eliminating meetings, a commute, and a pointless banter with colleagues. True, it’s a major switch for traditional workers, but there are plenty of resources out there to keep you afloat.

It’s Easier than Ever to Find Freelance Work

Seriously. Gone are the days of scouring job boards for a hopeful posting of freelance or remote opportunities. We’re starting to see way more job boards and communities fully dedicated to the freelance life. Right here at AND CO, for instance, there’s the blog you’re reading right now and a nice directory of platforms that are perfect for the freelance job search. Whether you’re a writer, marketer, or designer, there’s bound to be a space on the internet dedicated to your professional niche.

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