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4 Motivational Talks Every Freelancer Needs From Time to Time

  • By Tracy Soren
  • November 25, 2020

In the shapeshifting world of freelance, it’s only natural that sometimes the highs feel hot air balloon high and the lows feel super, like super super, like-rock-bottom-see-you-next-month-just-gonna-crawl-under-this-blanket-low. (It wouldn’t be freelance if you didn’t have to talk yourself through it). There are similar scenarios all freelancers face when we need a pick me up. So whenever you need a freelance pep talk, reference this post because you got some motivating to do.

When a freelancer thinks they nailed what the client wants, but not so much…

This one is a doozy. You do exactly what the client said he or she wanted, but for whatever the reason, they’re not happy with the product. Here’s what you have to say to yourself:

Hey (your name),
Does anyone truly know what they want? It is the nature of people to change their minds; to expect one thing and be disappointed to find that it’s not at all what they were looking for. So sure, (client name) said he/she wanted (insert your assignment) and realize it didn’t have the (insert what they think was missing from it). (client name) doesn’t know what goes into your work and (insert client name) doesn’t understand how to (your assignment).
But more importantly, (client name) doesn’t know what he wants and that doesn’t reflect on YOU. Never let a “miscommunication” devalue your self worth. While that doesn’t mean you don’t have anything to fix the situation, know that there are a lot of variables here. Take what you can from this and move on. You got this.

Recognizing what a freelancer should have done…

Whether you flubbed during your contract negotiations, agreed to a deadline that was tough for you to meet, or didn’t handle yourself to the caliber you expected, mistakes happen. Here’s a pep talk to get your through it:

Hey bud,
Remember, mistakes are just another word for “learning experiences.” Your mistakes have set you on your correct course and every time you learn from them it’s a victory for your future self. Failure is on the dessert menu and as soon as you look it as a tart but sweet treat, the sooner you’ll do what you always do: get excited for dessert.

When a freelancer needs to motivate themselves to reach for big goals…

This all comes down to self-worth and if you’re freelancing, there’s something inside you that believes in yourself already. You need to tap into that. Start with this:

Hey you,
Yes you, the only person who is stopping themselves from achieving their dream. Did you forget? You are a lion amongst cubs. You are royalty amongst men. You are the pink Starburst amongst all those other second rate Starbursts
Yes you, the only person who is stopping themselves from achieving their dream. Did you forget? You are a lion amongst cubs. You are royalty amongst men. You are the pink Starburst amongst all those other second rate Starbursts! There is no one who can handle this account better than you because you KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING. Don’t stay a small fish in a small pond. You were always meant for bigger. NOW GO SWIM FOR IT.

**(Ed. Note: the Starburst views of this writer does not collectively reflect Fiverr Workspace as a whole. Yellow is incredible)

When you a freelancer loses a client…

Losing a client reminds me of another universal experience. With that in mind, give this speech a whirl:

Ok, take a minute. Seriously take a minute. Did you take the minute? 
Now, remember (insert name of your ex)? What about (insert name of another ex)? Or (insert name of another ex). Are you still with those people? No? Do you remember why it didn’t work out? Sure you do. There was some validity to every end. Whether it was a positive end, a negative end, or just an end to remember, these relationships just like your relationship with (insert client name) ended when they were supposed to. So if this is a tough split, grab (enter your treat of choice) and put on (enter Netflix binge series), and give yourself time to mourn this like a breakup. If not, smile and keep walking. Either way, you will soon be able to look back and see how this relationship cleared the path for where you are and where you’ll going. And what a ride that will be.

Now that you’re equipped with your freelance pep talks, you can feel better diving in whenever you need. Give these speeches to yourself at any time of the day, even in public. Everyone needs to get used to what self-motivation looks like anyway.

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