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Freelancers: Here's How to Be a Better Business-Owner

  • November 25, 2020

Being a successful freelancer means having the talent to sell your services independently, and also the curiosity and drive needed to learn the ins and outs of running a business. Fortunately, you’re not alone in this endeavor thanks to our newly-launched program, Fiverr Elevate.
The goal of Elevate is to provide you with a comprehensive (and free!) database of helpful content around running your freelance business. Curious about whether you should incorporate? Looking for tips for managing your cash flow? How about those burning tax questions? The first batch of content released from Fiverr Elevate, a multi-part video series, has it all.
Head over to Fiverr Elevate to start getting smarter about your business today. Topics include:
“Why do I need a company?” produced in partnership with Stellar Formation

  • How to present a professional image by positioning your talents as a company
  • Steps you can take to protect intellectual property (now & down the line)
  • How to protect your personal assets, especially as your team grows
  • How to define roles among multiple partners & why this matters

“What do I need to know about taxes?” produced in partnership with Visor

  • How to keep track of your income & expenses (and save time doing so)
  • How to ensure you get all of the deductions for which you’re eligible
  • Tips for quarterly filing and planning ahead to save time down the road
  • How to flawlessly (and painlessly!) file your taxes

“How can I manage my cash flow better?” produced in partnership with Fundbox

  • Why managing cash flow is important, especially as your business grows
  • How invoice financing works and why it might make sense for your business
  • How to select a financing company and what you can expect

“What do I need to know about my health care?” produced in partnership with eHealth

  • How to select a provider (hint: it starts with knowing what to look for)
  • Identifying the right plan for you and your loved ones
  • How to get the most out of your coverage

“Why should I start saving for retirement?” produced in partnership with Wealthsimple

  • The difference between a 401K, traditional IRA, and SEP IRA
  • Why a Roth IRA might make sense for you (& how to get started)
  • How IRAs can make money for you via compounding interest
  • How to build your rainy-day fund without breaking the bank

“How can I run my business better?”

  • How to create comprehensive and elegant proposals that win business
  • Why using a contract is the No. 1 way to protect you and your work
  • How to track your time (without taking up too much time)
  • Tips for invoicing that get you paid quickly

“Why do I need a business bank account?”

  • Why it’s important to separate business and personal expenses
  • How to simplify your books ahead of key tax windows
  • Ways to add credibility to your business operations

As an Fiverr Workspace user, you’re among the very first to dive into the content. So, go ahead. Take a look. And if you have questions you’d like answered in upcoming videos and posts, let us know.

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