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Freelancers, Make America's Beaches Your Office This Summer

  • By Adela Belin
  • November 25, 2020

There’s no place like home, except when it’s summer. Your home, especially if it’s also your office, is somewhere you probably want to get away from for a few days during the warm months.
With the sun shining and temperatures rising, freelancers are looking to get some sun while their work gets done. Today, it’s never been easier to work wherever you want, including the beach. Thanks to technology like Karma Go, users have the ability to bring a hotspot with them for a minimal one-time price. In 2013, Everywhere Wireless helped usher in the WiFi era on Chicago’s beaches. Meanwhile, many of America’s parks and beaches received service thanks to Oh, Ranger! WiFi.
So, are you feeling trapped indoors? If so, break out of the confines of your home office and dip your toes in the sand while you work for your clients, because truly for the first time ever, you can work from anywhere.
According to a 2014 Skift report, the beaches with the fastest WiFi connections were almost exclusively found in California and Florida. But the rest of the country is improving their signals for visitors. Here’s a few incredible beaches across the country catching up to the WiFi of California and Florida’s strong signals so you can relax and work at the same time:

New York — Jones Beach

Looking to escape the New York City heat but not journey too far from the home base? Then, you have to head to one of New York state’s best getaways from the heat: Jones Beach. Just 20 miles away from the city, Jones Beach is a quick hop away that’ll satisfy your desire to absorb so much needed vitamin D while checking tasks off your to-do list at record pace.

Ohio — Headlands Beach State Park

What’s a better office backdrop than Lake Erie along Headlands’ mile-long natural sand beach–the longest in the state? You won’t find any other like it in Ohio.
With a mix of history and natural beauty, amazing trails and stretches of sand abound in this tranquil retreat, you might need a few remote work days to soak it all in!

Maine — Peacock Beach State Park

Maine is a lot more than its delicious lobster–and Peacock Beach State Park is the perfect example of this.Just imagine, how serene must it be to work next to Pleasant Pond?
If you’re the kind of freelancer that’s looking to surround themselves in nature, wildlife and serenity while you work, you have to head to Peacock Beach. You never know, you might just have an unexpected wildlife creature popping in to meet with you.

Oregon — Agate Beach State Recreation Site

Agate Beach’s surrounding area brims with beautiful, natural sights that are sure to inspire quite a few creatives. Get situated along Agate’s unspoiled beach and enjoy your day of outdoor work in relative quiet, either on the beach or in the grass. If you’re the ambitious type (and what freelancer isn’t?), try dropping a line in the water or go searching for some Pacific razor clams for your own locally sourced lunch break.

Washington — Al Borlin Park

Like Oregon, Washington state is a Pacific gem you have to experience. And Al Borlin Park’s sprawling 90 acres of land give you plenty of choices when deciding where to set up shop. From the beach to the greenery to the rocky shoreline, your office is anything you want it to be when you’re at Al Borlin Park.
If you’re looking for a place where you’ll come across other visitors and potential freelancers, the park staff recommends the picnic area and its incredible views. If you feel like changing up your location throughout the day, just walk over the bridge to the area’s oldest park, Lewis Street Park. With many choices in the area, you may want to extend your one remote day into a few. Be sure to track your updated expenses with you Fiverr Workspace Chief Operator if you do.

Delaware — Cape Henlopen State Park

Freelancers love Cape Henlopen for its 5,000+ acres of land and pleasant Atlantic coast shoreline. Freelancers with children will enjoy the summer camp services so the parents can focus on work uninterrupted while the kids have their own fun.
Freelancers finding themselves wanting to stay a little longer, have no fear! Cape Henlopen State Park offers camping on some of its dunes for a unique experience any outdoors person is sure to enjoy.

South Carolina — Alder Lane Beach Access

Hilton Head has no shortage of peaceful locations for you to think out your next big creative endeavor. And if you need a tranquil space to think it over, Alder Lane has to be the place for you.
With smaller crowds and incredible sights, Alder Lane does a great job of putting its visitors at ease. It’s also great if you want to bring your dog along for your remote day, as it’s cited as one of the nation’s more dog friendly beaches. If the sandy shores aren’t your ideal workstation, consider the grassy meadows at Crossings and Jarvis Creek Park.

Michigan — Orchard Beach State Park

A break from Michigan’s big cities like Detroit and Grand Rapids, Orchard Beach is a perfect smaller town nestled away in the northwest of Michigan’s mitten. With campgrounds, quiet surroundings, and lush-green-meets-coastline views overlooking Lake Michigan, Orchard Beach is a high-ranking destination for a day, or few days, away from your usual work space.
Just imagine Lake Michigan as the backdrop for your next Skype call. Pretty nice, right?

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