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Get Motivated! How to Push Yourself to Reach Your Freelance Potential

  • By Tracy Soren
  • November 25, 2020

Today, a regular day in mid-November, I walked into the Dollar store to find that they had Christmas decorations on display. These Christmas decorations, mere STEPS from the seasonally appropriate Halloween decor. What this means is that, in the words of George R.R. Martin, WINTER IS COMING and as the cold sets in, many a freelancer will find it hard to get themselves motivated. Here are some tips and a bit of advice to push a freelancer to succeed, not only during the winter monthyear-roundr round so you can to reach your maximum potential.

Music Makes The (Freelance) World Go ‘Round

I am not what The Voice judges (or anyone really) would call “musically inclined” so sometimes I forget how joyous a tune can be. The power of song cannot be underestimated! Even though it’s not a shocker, I really do get excited every time I lift up my lazy finger to play a song that pumps me up. Just like a good gym playlist, every freelancer needs a playlist of their own to get them ready for their day. Need a little juice to get started? How about a tad of Fat Joe/Ashanti/Ja Rule, a splash of Yeasayer, and a sprinkle of Benatar. So throw on your best Spotify playlist and let the tunes drive you to new heights.

Treat Yo’ Self!

Although Treat Yo’ Self day has officially passed, it’s helpful for the self-motivating freelancer to have tiny rewards in their back pocket. When you get to a certain point in your workload, here’s a freelance tip: treat yourself to a rabbit hole of mindless viral videos or some other sweet relief for yourself. If you complete a project, buy yourself that thing you’ve had saved in your bookmarks for months. Nothing wrong with motivating yourself with sugar, spice, and everything nice. Now, that’s solid advice, right?


This might not be for everyone but it should be and if it isn’t, it’s because society has told us there’s something wrong with crying and men shouldn’t cry because it’s a sign of weakness and women shouldn’t cry because it makes them look emotional and we all should just be stern robots moving through this world refusing to believe anything affects us!
Now, you don’t necessarily have to cry but I encourage a release of emotions as a way to blow off steam. We are all holding on to something and in the quiet of our own freelance space, we can take a minute to tune into what’s really going on, acknowledge it, harness its power, and seize the day. Believe me, there’s nothing a good cry can’t solve.

Take Something Off Your Freelance Plate

Freelancers are a do-it-yourself-breed. We take everything on even when there’s not always a need to. But a way to motivate your freelancer self is to relieve yourself of undue stress. The amount of time we spend on our administrative work takes away from the work we should be doing. Motivate yourself by automating your admin work with Fiverr Workspace. You’ll feel relieved when you delegate work to someone else just as capable. It’s like you took something off your plate and treated yourself to an assistant. Who wouldn’t do that?

Crack Open That Fortune Cookie

Sometimes, the only thing you need is a straight shot of freelance motivation. So open up a fortune cookie to find an inspirational quote. If take-out isn’t your thing, head to Instagram where motivational quotes have THRIVE. Seems like everyone wants to put some fancy font under a musky filter and gather likes. Dip your toe in by searching #motivationalquotes. You’ll be set for…and this is just a ballpark here…months.
The winter can be treacherous but if there’s anyone I trust to dig themselves out the darkness to reach their full potential, it’s a modern day freelancer. Seriously, we would shovel snow with our own bare hands if we had to. Don’t try us.

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