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How to Write the Perfect Freelance Pitch: Templates and Tools

  • By Adela Belin
  • August 17, 2021

Writing the perfect pitch is key to landing clients and growing your freelance business. After all, clients won’t come to you on a whim. Instead, you have to make an active effort to reach out, showcase your portfolio and promote your services. 

Making a pitch can feel overwhelming, especially because you have to stand out and make an impression. In addition, clients receive several emails and messages daily, so an ideal pitch should be able to pique their interest and attract their attention. 

The good news is, crafting the perfect pitch isn’t rocket science. Below are a few tips for writing a pitch that could help you snag high-paying freelance roles. 

Understand the difference between cold pitch and warm pitch 

There are two main types of freelance pitches: the cold pitch and the warm pitch. 

Cold pitching occurs when you pitch to a client that you have no prior relationship and convince them to work with you. Basically, you’re reaching out to strangers and persuading them to collaborate with your business. This strategy is recommended to freelancers who want to play the numbers game and quickly reach out to hundreds of potential leads.

Warm pitching requires “warming up” a potential lead before sending them a pitch. Take, for instance, connecting with potential clients on LinkedIn and Twitter to get on their notifications and get on their radar. This tactic is best for connecting with  “dream clients” like high-profile organizations or Fortune 500 companies on your bucket list. 

Both methods offer a legitimate means to connect with potential clients, but the main difference lies in time and effort. For example, a cold pitch could be sent to 20 or 100 clients and generate a few responses. In contrast, warm pitches are personalized and take time though success isn’t guaranteed. 

Look for pitching opportunities 

A popular saying goes, “If you’re looking for opportunities, then you’ll always find one.” And the same is true for freelance pitching. 

Opportunities may be a lot closer than you think if you know where to look. Contact friends, family, and colleagues, and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to score a few leads. Join niche Facebook groups or LinkedIn groups to expand your network and meet potential clients. 

Inc 5000 and Fortune 500 have a list of successful businesses for cold pitches. AngelList and Crunchbase also have insights on startups that may have funding for freelance projects. 

Find email addresses of your clients

Whether you cold pitch or warm pitch, you’ll need to find the email addresses of your target audience. Here are some tips to get it done:

  • Check out the company website: Most company websites have employee email addresses on the contact landing page. Find the email addresses of employees relevant to the department you’d like to work with. For example, if you’re a freelance writer or designer, get in touch with the marketing department to know opportunities for collaboration. 
  • Use apps: Email Hunter and Viola Norbert can find the email address of the person you want to pitch. With the Viola Norbert tool, you can enter the name of the contact person and the company’s domain name. You’ll then end up with the email address of the person you want to connect with. In comparison, Email Hunter only requires the domain name to generate the email addresses of all people using this domain. 

Create a pitch template

Create a customizable template for pitching. 

The pitch should contain a brief introduction of your services, work experience, and achievements. Credibility can come from the results you’ve achieved for past clients and awards you’ve received. 

Here’s an example: 

“I’m Max—a freelance writer. I’ve created blog posts, landing pages, guest posts, case studies, and other marketing content for businesses such as Hubspot, The Muse, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.”

Most people scan their email, so get straight to the point and mention the purpose of your cold pitch. For example, you can say something like “I’d like to see if you need help with content. I have helped businesses XYZ grow their customer base with high-quality content. For example, my educational guides for company X have been downloaded by over 1,000 visitors.”

If you need further inspiration, here’s a sample pitch template for a freelance digital marketer:

Hi Amy, 

I’m Judith, and I’m reaching out to see if you’re looking to work with a digital marketer for (company name). 

As a Hubspot certified marketer, I’ve worked with businesses such as IKEA, ASUS, and Adobe. I have helped these businesses boost their brand awareness and attract customers through compelling content. For example, my social media campaign for Adobe helped increase total page likes by 50k within 6 months. 

I’ve also managed their social media campaigns, created ads and landing pages, built holistic content strategies, and generated astounding results. You may view the campaigns I’ve worked on at 

I’ve also attached my resume to this email. 

Please let me know if you’re interested in my services and I look forward to hearing from you.



Send a proposal 

Got a reply to your initial pitch? The next step is to send a proposal.

A proposal should give clients an in-depth look at the services you can offer to their organization. 

It must include benefits of working with your business, case studies, testimonials, project scope & deliverables, timeframe, and cost of the entire project. AND.CO has a stunning proposal template that you can use for reference. 

Crafting a proposal for each client is hard work, but with AND.CO’s proposal tool there’s no need to start from scratch. Just like the pitch email, you can create beautifully designed templates and customize the project scope and deliverables section or other details within the app. 

Attract clients with AND.CO

A perfect and personalized freelance pitch can help you get new clients. By promoting your services and emphasizing achievements, you can establish credibility whether you’re cold pitching or warm pitching.

Our freelancer tools include customized proposals, e-signing, automatic reminders, and automatic invoices for easy onboarding and seamless collaboration. With the perfect pitch and tool, businesses are more likely to stick around and work with your business in the long term. 

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