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Introducing My Desk: A Task Manager for Freelancers

  • November 25, 2020

We know you’ve got a lot on your plate, which is why we’re excited to roll out our next iteration of My Desk, a new feature from Fiverr Workspace designed to help you organize all of the tasks you’ll inevitably need to keep track of as a business of one.
An introduction to My Desk – Fiverr Workspace from Fiverr Workspace on Vimeo.
My Desk isn’t just another to-do list. (You’ve got plenty of those, and face it—they can eat up more time than they save). Within all of your business operations managed through AND CO, we’ll help you prioritize the most pressing items first. Things that need to be done, but ehhhh maybe later, can be easily swiped away for the time being. Don’t worry: We’ll remind you when it’s time to address those.
Use My Desk to:

  • Prioritize tasks automatically: Things that require urgent attention, like an unpaid invoice, get bumped to the front, and not buried somewhere in a static to do list.
  • Procrastinate wisely: Defer the tasks that can wait, so you can focus on only what needs to be tackled right now. As deadlines come up, we’ll push those tasks to the top.
  • Streamline all of your freelance touch-points: Since Fiverr Workspace allows freelancers to manage contracts, invoicing and expenses in one environment, My Desk is smart enough to know what’s due and when.
  • Organize tasks your way: My Desk allows users to create their own tasks and implement a custom tagging system for easy organization.

We’ve rolled out a few features of late, and each tie back to our underlying mission to empower freelancers to run themselves like the businesses they are, using smart tech to drive efficiencies that create more room for billable work.
Give My Desk a spin and let us know what you think by dropping us a comment or hollering at us on Twitter (@andco).

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