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This Labor Day, Take The Day Off!

  • By Georgia Dolenz
  • January 29, 2021

Just because you don’t work typical office hours or gossip by the water cooler doesn’t mean your work isn’t still classified as ‘labor.’ So clock-out, sit back, and enjoy Labor Day weekend with the rest of America. Here are some reasons why freelancers should (and deserve!) to celebrate long weekends just like the rest of the workforce. After all, you work unconventional hours all week long, isn’t it time you did something conventional?

Give Yourself A Break!

It’s hard to justify giving yourself a day off when you’re the boss. After all, you don’t want to seem like you’re giving one employee special treatment, even if it is just you! But it’s important not to wear yourself out working long hours. Everyone knows that taking a break from work helps to keep you healthy and focussed! If you insist on being the CEO, CFO and the receptionist, then you have to be HR as well. Give yourself a break. Literally. Knock on your own office door, ask to see the boss (you) and tell them you’re off to enjoy some Labor Day brunch specials!

See How The Other Half Lives

#9to5, #desklunch, #humpday… these are the hashtags that the ‘other half’ of the workforce use daily. Strange, we know. While you might find a 9-5 work day unappealing, no one can argue with the 4-day weekends that the ‘other half’ get to celebrate during national holidays. Luckily, as a freelancer, you can join in, without having to use any annoying hashtags. Grab a few drinks, bake a casserole and head to your neighbor’s Labor Day party like it’s 4:45pm on a Friday!

Guilt-Free Monday Nights 

When you already have a flexible schedule, taking a Monday off of work isn’t always as exciting. But just think, if you head to your friend’s Labor Day party on a Monday night, you’ll be the only one in the room not cringing at the thought of an early Tuesday morning back in the office. Just flex that flexible schedule, move a few work projects to the Friday before, and enjoy your 4-day weekend without the painful Tuesday morning!

Every Penny Counts 

We understand that turning down work can be tough, especially when you’re the only one pulling in new clients, and you can’t rely on your fish Herb to chip in with the rent. But what’s the point of working on a Sunday if you can’t spend that extra cash on some turkey dogs on a Monday? Work hard the week before, save up those pennies, and take the weekend off with everyone else. Now that’s logic even your wallet can’t argue with.

This Labor Day, Just Say Yes

Freelancers work hard to find and keep clients, hardly ever saying ‘no’ to work that comes across their desks. This ‘yes please’ attitude can lead to you working 3 extra days on a client’s presentation because they keep sending you endless add-ons that were not laid out in the original agreement. We’re not telling you to start saying ‘no’ to work, we’re telling you to starting saying YES to long weekends as a reward for all of the 12 hour workdays you do without batting an eyelid! Go finish that never-ending project, turn on your Out Of Office and enjoy the fruits of your LABOR!

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