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Office Sketch Comedy That Will Make You Want to Stay a Freelancer

  • By Tracy Soren
  • November 25, 2020

Freelance may be a tough business but working in an office isn’t always a bowl of cherries. Just head to a happy hour to hear the truth about a 9-to-5. Whenever you’re looking to affirm your life choice, you might as well do it with a laugh. Here are office sketches that will make you want to stay a freelancer.

Competition in the Workplace — Not in Freelance

Second City is lucky to have this Key & Peele sketch before Key & Peele became Key & Peele. As freelancers, we tend to be in competition with ourselves. We’re trying to land that next gig, next client, and we don’t necessarily have to worry about the guy in the next cubicle. We are lucky. In this absurd sketch, two of the best dudes in the game show how pervasive competition in the workplace can be.

Meeting About Meetings — “Pssh,” says the Freelancer

Chico Comedy, NYC comedians Claire Matson and Jo Rouehib, co-wrote this wonder with comedy writer and director Tony Cohen. Useless meetings are an epidemic in offices around the country and this video does a perfectly job of heightening the specifics we all know and hate. The sketch to end all sketches that encapsulate how terrible most meetings are and I’m obsessed with it.

Corporate Seals  

Tripp & Tyler’s YouTube channel is full of sketches ragging on office life but “Corporate Seals” really resonates with me. It hits the phoniest parts of corporate life and highlights how much nonsense happens in offices around the country. I love a mapping sketch and this is a home run.

How Your Lies Really Sound When You Sneak Out For A Job Interview

Fast Company has been venturing into the comedy world and for this video, they remind freelancers how wonderful it is to not have to lie about having another gig. That’s our whole thing! We also don’t have to worry about sneaking out from our office because we make our own schedules. Let Fast Company remind you how good freelancers have it.

The Assistant Behind Administrative Professionals’ Day

Not to toot my own horn, but I’m apart of the comedy duo soren & jolles with fellow comedian Jessie Jolles and we created this video to highlight the horrors of being an assistant. We hope every assistant feels seen after watching this. Why must you lose sleep just because the restaurant forgot soy sauce? It’s just not right.


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