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The Perks of Being an Fiverr Workspace Member: MealPal

  • By Adela Belin
  • January 29, 2021

Whether you’re working in New York or building a startup in Miami, freelancers still have to deal with the inevitable question: where are you going to eat while you’re working so hard? Many freelancers prefer to eat out to save time, but even waiting in line to place an order can take up too much time in a busy crunch. What if you could zip in, zip out, and make it back to your home office or coworking spot just as quickly as snapping your fingers?
MealPal lets you skip the lines for your favorite restaurants in six cities and makes it super-simple to order lunch. It is a meal plan service. You pay for a certain number of lunches each month, either 12 or 20. MealPal then lets you choose select dishes from restaurants in your area. Currently, you have to live in Boston, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Miami, or Washington DC. You place the order, then drive to the restaurant where it will be waiting for you. No lines, no worrying about tip, no worrying about price.
In every city that MealPal services, you have at least 50 restaurants to choose from.  The number of eateries is growing all the time, too.  We wanted to give you a mouth-watering look into some of the restaurants that can have lunch ready for you.


Ceviche Town – Would Peruvian Fusion impress that out-of-town client? Perhaps. This is one of the highest-rated restaurants on Yelp for downtown Miami.
Cold Pressed Raw Kitchen – Perhaps you’re vegetarian and love to get your juice on? This restaurant serves vegan food and fresh juices. And if you still want that ceviche, the shroom ceviche is very popular here.
El Taco Loco – Drop those sad burritos from Taco Bell and get some real authentic Comida Mexicana from El Taco Loco. Sink your teeth into a torta!

Washington DCAlfa Piehouse – Greek pies aren’t the usual thing you can find for lunch. But they make for a great and filling snack! If you haven’t tried a Greek savory pie, you’re missing out.
Maso – Sandwiches, salads, and smoothies. A good health food spot. Try the kale caesar with salmon.
Yafa Grille – Levantine food for the masses. All the hummus and shawarma you could ever want. One review described this restaurant as “Chipotle-style Middle Eastern.”

New YorkCafe Patoro – Brazilian bakery and coffee shop. If you’re a habitual coffee drinker, why not get an exotic pastry to go with your meal?
Gotan – Midtown – Think of a traditional coffeehouse, then make it upscale. That’s Gotan. Several locations around the city. Known for their lattes and sandwiches.
Manousheh – Greenwich Village, here is your Lebanese street food lunch spot. Try the zaatar and cheese combination.

San FranciscoDabba – Asian fusion for your tastebuds. Try lamb tacos and hummus the next time you want to try something different by the Bay?
Fayala – This hot bar is best known for its catering and for its hot buffet bar at lunch time. You can skip the line entirely if you used MealPal.
Paparikas – Asian fusion of a different sort. Burmese is the main orientation. Ever try tea leaf salad? It’s a standard snack!

BostonBonapita – One of those spots where they do just a few things but do them really well. Mediterranean food served fast (when you use MealPal, anyway.)
Flame Cafe – Their kebabs may be just a dollar, but spring for the full eggplant dish at this Armenian cafe. You won’t regret it!
Piperi – Mediterranean is really popular in Boston! Piperi is known for excellent food and a fast moving line. Plus, most of their dishes are customizable.

ChicagoChicken Planet – As it says on the tin, Chicken Planet is the place to go to get grilled chicken and sides. Get some pita bread and mashed potatoes to go with your half-chicken.
Hero Coffee Bar – Lavender latte? Just give it a try and you’ll be hooked.
Polpetti – If you like your coffee and eats a little more Italian-style, Polpetti is the place to go. Have a meatball sandwich to go with your espresso.
If you’re currently an AND.CO user, you can get 20% off of your first month’s meal plan with MealPal. Just follow the link at our member perk page. Stop worrying about where to go for lunch or how you’ll pay for it. Let MealPal handle it for you instead, and reap the benefits of an easy, delicious meal. 

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