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The Perks of Being an Fiverr Workspace Member: Breather

  • By Marjorie Hopkins
  • January 29, 2021

Freelancers and small businesses alike know too well the struggle of trying to get work done in distracting places, especially while traveling. Since many in the freelance and small business world do not have designated office space, they flock to crowded coffee shops and busy coworking spaces. Going on a business trip can make working even more difficult; looking for a space to accomplish a task in a foreign place after an early hotel checkout, for example, could get in the way of completing any task at all.
In such frustrating situations, Breather is here to help by renting out private, professional spaces for freelancers and small businesses in 10 cities all over the world. This company began in Montreal, Canada, and quickly made its way down to places like New York City and San Francisco. The founder and CEO, Julien Smith, started it because he found himself during the workday looking for a space to be truly alone and focused. When the company was still in its testing phase, and therefore invitation only, it accumulated a waiting list of 15,000 people. Smith and his team knew they had to find more spaces quickly. Now, they are renting out over a hundred spaces in New York City, and at least sixty in San Francisco.
Breather sets itself apart from typical coworking spaces by having incredible versatility. Anyone can download the Breather App and be able to retreat into their own Breather space for, at minimum, a half hour. It is often used as a meditative haven between meetings in a crazy day. Freelancers reserve Breather spaces to work on projects efficiently and without distraction. Small businesses bring their teams into Breather offices for creative, collaborative meetings outside of the office. Students use these spaces to study, actors use it to run lines, and many even use these rooms for a midday yoga session (yoga mats are included!) There are other perks, depending on the specific Breather space, but everyone at least gets a workspace with comfortable chairs, notepads, and a whiteboard.
The website takes members to an AirBnb-type search page, in which spaces are listed with their price per hour. When freelancers and small businesses download the Breather App, they will find quiet rooms in which to get things done in cities such as the following.

New York

Breather has office spaces in three parts of the big apple. The Flatiron District is one of them. The Flatiron locations are designed to honor the historical significance of this district. SoHo is another NYC hub with Breather locations. These especially are spaces for freelancers and other professionals to get away to in one of the busiest parts of this metropolitan city. Finally, Breather rooms are also located in Greenwich Village. Taking on the more artsy nature of the village, these spaces are decked out with modern, creative charm.

San Francisco

Much like in New York City, the Breather spaces in San Francisco reflect the area in which they are located. The private workspaces in SoMa, for example, are furnished in accordance with the neighborhood’s industrial roots and several art galleries. The offices in FiDi, however, take on more of the business atmosphere of the Financial District. Additionally, the spaces located in the Shopping District were decorated with the intention of sparking creativity. Most even have a view to the street!


Breather has expanded to places abroad, such as Toronto, in which it has several private office spaces in the heart of beautiful downtown. These rooms are available in the fashion district and the financial district, and each is decorated with a different purpose in mind. Professionals can retreat to said offices for any amount of time, from an hour to an entire day.


Even further abroad, Breather now is available in London! It rents spaces in Shoreditch and the financial district, in the form of offices and conference rooms. Each is equipped with modern furnishings, and is advertised as the perfect space for anything from doing work on your own to holding a photoshoot.
Breather also has offices in other parts of California and Canada, as well as in Boston, Chicago, and Washington DC. The company is rapidly expanding and encourage those in a location without Breather to vote for their city. Additionally, small businesses experience extra perks when registering with Breather. For example, they get a dedicated account manager, and concierge service. Also, all companies using Breather are granted access to exclusive locations and centralized invoicing.
Breather’s private office spaces are used by thousands of freelancers, small businesses, and even well-known companies such as Twitter, Etsy, and Uber. The company itself has partnered with other businesses, including Fiverr Workspace, to provide freelancers benefits. So, if you are a freelancer or small business looking for a quiet space to work, be yourself, and hone your creativity, go download the Breather app!

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