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The Perks of Being an Fiverr Workspace Member: CurrencyFair

  • By Tracy Soren
  • January 29, 2021

If you’ve ever freelanced, or even taken a vacation, overseas you know the panic that slowly creeps up as you’re preparing for your trip. You double-check that you packed your passport at least twelve times. You review that you didn’t need any vaccinations (that are too late to get now, ahhh!) You even buy one of those safety belts to shield you from muggers who pickpocket wide-eyed tourists, all to make sure you have a great adventure.
Now, what happens if you land and find out you have an issue using your money? We all know what that’s like. For some reason, money crossing country lines always causes a headache. And it’s not different when it comes to freelance. It’s also why CurrencyFair is a great service for us freelancers.
Freelancers don’t have HR reps. When we’re having an issue with an international money transfer, it’s on us as another headache we don’t need to deal with. Not to mention how that headache could grow if there are language and cultural barriers we may be unaware of. As a regulated financial services company, CurrencyFair allows you to easily retrieve money if you worked for an international client. Your client can put your payment into CurrencyFair as soon as they hire you for your work or they can send once you finish. The former might help that client who has too much going on and would love to be able to hire you and have your payment sorted out from the get. You know, that forgetful client that always seems to be juggling 900 things as if you, the self-employed freelancer, isn’t?
When your client uses CurrencyFair to send you your payment, the exchange rate is clearly applied so there is no confusion. Not only that, if you don’t think it’s the best exchange rate available, you can wait for a better rate to cash out your payment. I mean, what a perk! Every changing exchange rates always get me and with CurrencyFair, boom, it’s not a problem. And your cash out goes straight into your bank account so no checking the mailbox over and over for a check to arrive. As their site says, you have complete control.
Vice versa, if you hired someone overseas to help with your freelance business, you don’t have to deal with the pain of an international money transfer either! There’s a small fee (only $3.23!) for the sender. I know people always say “that’s less than your daily coffee” but that’s less that your daily coffee. And if you’d like to see how CurrencyFair compares to other transferring systems, check out their Money Transfer Companies Compared on their blog.
Honestly, it’s incredible to think about how much work is out there if we remove the barriers we’ve set in our mind. Sometimes, it’s not just the actual distance that stops us from working with international clients. We want to make sure we will get paid in easily and CurrencyFair takes away any fear.
CurrencyFair offers Fiverr Workspace members great perk just for being part of the community. Check out CurrencyFair’s offer here.

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