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Top 10 Silicon Beach Startups for Creative Hustlers

  • By Adela Belin
  • January 29, 2021

Silicon Beach has been on the up for the past few years, now home to more than 500 burgeoning tech companies staking their claim south of Silicon Valley to Santa Monica, Venice, Los Angeles proper and beyond. With its darling beaches (hence the name), it’s no wonder West Coast techies and creatives are building companies that allow them to live and work by the sea.
Leading the charge in LA’s tech boom is Snap Inc., whose recent IPO filing—the largest in a while and first for the new year—will have huge ramifications for the tech market there. For West Coast hustlers on the hunt for interesting gigs at disruptive startups, or perhaps those who simply wish to cash in on the scene, the below list features 10 companies just as worthy of your attention.


Santa Monica-based Tongal is a new kind of advertising agency the delivers compelling creative content for brands like Mattel, P&G and LEGO. Their unique model—a crowdsourced network of creative talent across a range of disciplines and backgrounds—empowers them with the flexibility to innovate more quickly that more traditional agencies.
Since Tongal’s network is made up of thousands of creatives, lovingly called “Tonglers,” the opportunities to collaborate are there for the taking. Head over to their careers page to learn more—but do bring your “A” game: Tongal was recently named a top ten agency of the year on Ad Age’s prestigious Agency A-List, a strong indicator that this company is growing and booming.

Image via Glassdoor

Snap Inc.

Snap Inc. is a “startup” no more, as the company has grown in spades and morphed into a “camera company” for an entirely new generation of media content creators and sharers. Expanding on the explosive growth of Snapchat, the company debuted Spectacles late last year, proving that they’re so much more than just another social media platform.
Snapchat founders famously turned down an acquisition offer from Facebook in 2013 —a bet that has upped their cool factor and will soon pay off in a big way. What’s cooler than be being cool? An IPO filing with an expected value of anywhere from $20 to $25 billion, as reported late last week.
Snap’s jobs board has a handful of gigs for freelancers, such as a part-time Assistant Story Editor role and a contract Collections Analyst. Interested? Check back frequently or set up an alert as these gigs go fast.


LA-based ATTN is an issues-driven media company that produces videos and articles surrounding relevant topics like politics, justice, health and environment. You’ll likely recognize their short-form videos from your Facebook News Feed.
Founded by political activist Matthew Segal, the mission of ATTN is to highlight political and social issues in an easily digestible way for millennials and the generations that follow. The company is clearly on to something, touting 2 billion impressions monthly. That’s a ton of attention.
As a content production platform, ATTN is frequently hiring for video, design and production roles and, at the moment, the company is seeking out a freelance Motion Designer. Follow their jobs board for future opportunities.

Image via ATTN

Laurel & Wolf

Laurel & Wolf is democratizing the world of interior design one dream space at a time. Headquartered in trendy West Hollywood, the company connects people with top designers to design and customize apartments and homes via a simple, virtual workflow.
For current opportunities, head over to the Laurel & Wolf jobs board. If you’re REALLY interested, send your resume or online portfolio, along with your top three karaoke go-to songs, to

Image via The Nest


Casper brought us direct-to-consumer mattresses, and now—thanks to Parachute—we can buy high-quality bedding via an elegant and painless online process. Parachute’s founder, Ariel Kaye, dreamt up the idea after traveling to Italy and staying in hotels with luxurious linens that were not available in the States.
Designed in Venice Beach, Kaye’s home essentials are free of synthetics and chemicals and operate within a minimalist and natural color palette. As the company grows, so will the job opportunities, so keep their job listings on your radar.


Want to do good, while you do cool work? Omaze is a for-profit cause marketplace that is changing the way people participate in philanthropic endeavors. Located in the heart of Santa Monica, Omaze makes it easy to raise money for causes by utilizing a network of resources and celebrities. Since 2012, the company has partnered with 100 worthy charities from 160 countries.
If you’re a freelance creative, there are some roles available at Omaze right now, including a Freelance Editor position. Pssst, we also heard they have dogs in their office.

Image via Built in LA

Creators Media

There’s no doubt that influencer marketing has fully entered the mainstream, with most big brands upping their investments in their relationships with authentic, talented creators. Los Angeles played a big role in the rise of influencer marketing, so it’s no wonder Creators Media is still growing after five years in the biz.
Calling themselves the first “fan-centric media company,” Creators Media sparks conversations and content among brand fans and then amplifies them in social media. On the corporate side, they’re hiring a PR Advisor (contract)—and if you really want to get creative you can apply to be in their select network of writers and artists.

Image via Built in LA


Eric Dahan, an honoree on this year’s coveted Forbes’ 30 Under 30 List, founded Instabrand to match social media content creators with brands. A pioneer in influencer marketing, the startup names companies like L’Oréal, Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola among its esteemed brand partners.
Influencer marketing has grown tremendously over the past few years. In fact, eMarketer recently cited research which found that one in two brands will up their investment in 2017. Whether you’re a high-profile content creator looking to link up with top brands, or you’re a creative freelancer looking to work toward giving branded content an authentic, human voice, Instabrand could be your next move. Follow their jobs board for openings and updates.


Alcohol, on-demand. There are a few services that offer booze-to-door delivery, but Saucey is one of the most noteworthy because it’ll bring you the goods in under 60 minutes in major cities like New York, Chicago and of course—Los Angeles—which is home to Saucey HQ.
Currently, Saucey is hiring for a couple of freelance roles, including a part-time Community Manager (that one sounds fun) and a part-time Operations Support Coordinator. Intrigued but want to wait for future opportunities? Bookmark their careers site.

Image via Built in LA


Acorns is a financial savings service that’s tailor made for busy millennials. Every aspect of their business, from their product to their content, is quick, relevant and snackable. The product works by rounding up credit card transactions into whole numbers, socking the “change” into a customizable portfolio managed by Acorns. For example, if a user swipes for a $2.70 latte, the app will automatically pay an additional $0.30 to that user’s Acorns account.
As for momentum, Acorns has got it. PayPal invested $30 million in the company last year. Today, the app has 650K users and has processed nearly 30 million trades. Visit the Acorns career page for future opportunities on this expanding team. In the meantime, the company is hiring for a part-time Customer Support role.
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