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Best Cities for Remote Workers Around The Globe

  • November 25, 2020

As the advancement of technology changes how we work, many professionals have decided to change where they work to fit their newly flexible lifestyle.
There are plenty of coworking hot spots to take advantage of around the world. So if you’re planning a long trip overseas or working abroad, use these urban hubs to map your route.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the friendliest places you’ll ever visit. It is truly an illuminated city. The constant presence of sunshine over the Tagus River transforms this Portuguese capital into a mirror of a thousand colors, highlighting the city’s unique architecture.
Spend your weekends surfing in Sagres, wine tasting in Porto, indulging in fresh seafood, and viewing the famous fine tiled architecture. Views aside, Lisbon is attracting young professionals and entrepreneurs in hoards. But who’s surprised? When rent is low and you can get from your desk to the beach in 15 minutes, there’s little to complain about.
CoworkLisboa is our favorite coworking spot. Nestled in the LX Factory right next to Village Underground, there’s no shortage of beautiful art, good food, and creative entrepreneurs.

Bordeaux, France

The city of Bordeaux is one of France’s most charming cities. Known as the “City of Art and History,” it is home to some 360+ historical monuments, with some buildings dating back to Roman times.
Bordeaux is home to one of Europe’s biggest 18th-century architectural, urban areas and is considered the major wine industry capital of the world. But don’t let its “Sleeping Beauty” nickname fool you. Bordeaux is full of vibrant coffee shops, endless food trucks, and some of the world’s finest dining. Post up at Coolworking, a 24 hour co-working space in the heart of the city. It’s full of friendly locals and digital nomads alike.

Valencia, Spain

Compared to its vibrant older sisters Madrid and Barcelona, Valencia has a calm, cool, and collected vibe. It’s a mixture of contemporary masterpieces and intricate architecture from the past—and the locals have a deep appreciation for their culture paired with an eye for modern design and innovation.
Known as the birthplace of paella, you can find restaurants and tapas bars on every corner. If 2 p.m. siestas, sunny beach days, and late, wine-filled dinners are your thing, Valencia will welcome you with open arms. Euroace is a collaborative workspace connecting the community of professionals and those who want to learn Spanish in Valencia.

Lima, Peru

Lima has absolutely earned its spot as the capital of Peru. With a population close to 10 million people, anyone can find their place in this massive city. Lima may be known by the world for their food—they claim three restaurants in “The World’s 50 best restaurants”—but the city has much more to offer than fine dining.
The Malacón is Peru’s seafront walkway, stretching for six miles through Lima’s Miraflores district. Lima is also discovering its entrepreneurial identity, with new coworking spots like Comunal popping up every day. So grab an empanada, and get to work.

Want to explore some more?

If you’re looking to explore these cities with a community of remote-workers like yourself, check out GlobeKick, whose programs stretch over three months and combine wellness and cultural immersion with the opportunity to advance yourself both personally and professionally.

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