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Wanna Learn a New Freelance Skill? Check Out These Sites Today!

  • By Georgia Dolenz
  • November 25, 2020

Sometimes a freelancer can be given a project that’s slightly out of their skill-set. While this might seem daunting at first, we implore you to embrace the challenge and learn a new skill! We understand that this can be an expensive venture, and growing your skill-set can also mean growing your debt, so we’ve compiled a list of our favorite websites, all waiting to teach you new skills without breaking the bank. Crack open a fresh notebook, sharpen those pencils, and get back to school!


Skillshare allows you to learn a new skill every day! Their vast community of freelancers, designers and entrepreneurs offer over 8000 classes ranging from logo design to foot massages. You can sign up for free, and soak up a few lessons on Character Animation while you’re snacking on your Sunday morning Cronut. You’ll never be tardy for 1st period again!
Top Tip: Join this freelance course on Skillshare to learn all the essentials for freelancing. 


For anyone who doesn’t code, learning HTML and CSS might look as easy as pushing a violin through the ceiling. (Not easy). With programs like Codecademy, you can learn the basics of coding for free! For those who are hooked on those beautifully crafted HTML sentences, there are more in-depth classes available at a reasonable price. So get coding, and stop pushing instruments through walls!


Learning a new language can be very intimidating. Children pick up languages like they’re catching candy from a piñata. But here’s the thing, they’ve got a sponge for a brain and time to kill. Learning a new language when you’re older is much more difficult, but not impossible. With Duolingo, you can learn Madarin with easy-to-follow classes and at-home exercises, all for free. Take your freelance business into international waters faster than you can say 多种语言.


Whether you want to sharpen your screenwriting skills, learn how to sing, or hone those directing techniques, MasterClass has a master class for you! The Hollywood elite have convened in one place to share their tricks of the trade with the rest of us. So pull up a chair, hit the lights and listen to Aaron Sorkin as he guides you through the trails of writing a blockbuster.


Fancy yourself an amateur photographer without the essential training you need to graduate Instagram? Kelbyone offers a variety of classes on photography and Photoshop for all levels. With step-by-step lessons on post-processing techniques, you can add Adobe Photoshop to your resume in a flash!


Ahh, social media. The unpredictable beast that we can’t stop feeding. Every day a new app or social media platform is brought to the marketplace, not to mention the new features they add each month. Alison is here to help. You can learn how to harness the beasts that are Twitter, hashtags, Facebook ads, and YouTube, and walk away with a diploma in Social Media Marketing! After all, a freelancer’s business relies heavily on word-of-mouth, so why not learn how to speak through the world’s biggest mouth: Social Media.

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