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Why Denver Is An Amazing Place For Remote Workers

  • By Adela Belin
  • November 25, 2020

Call it Mile High mojo.
Over the past several years, Denver has reclaimed its status as a boomtown. Accompanying the rapidly growing tech market and influx of professionals seeking city mentality at a relaxed pace is a wealth of amenities conducive to the remote work lifestyle. Compared to other large cities, telecommuting in Denver feels profoundly less claustrophobic. With lower but steadily rising rent prices, finding an apartment with a home office, convenient nook, or sunny balcony to grind away the day on is actually within reach.
Plus, if you’re looking for options to work outside of your home office, Denver’s got plenty of that, too! Check out any one of our favorite spaces below.

There’s a coffee shop for that

There is no shortage of coffee shops in Denver offering free Wi-Fi, complete with suspender-clad baristas with the robust beards of authentic mountain men.
Denver’s bourgeoning craft coffee scene is a wonderland for aficionados, while plenty of Starbucks punctuate the city’s blocks for the more basic among us. There’s a coffee shop to suit every taste from the Kinfolk aesthetic sporting Edison bulbs and plenty of green-on-white, to fair trade stalwarts.
There's no shortage of coffee shops offering free Wi-Fi, complete with suspender-clad baristas. Click To Tweet

Co(lorado)working spaces

To support the variety of new industries, entrepreneurs, and young startups in Denver, cosmopolitan co-working spaces have sprouted up as quickly as dispensaries in recent years. Remote workers and freelancers alike can break for lunch or cross-pollinate with other members in chic, modern, and even sustainable surroundings.
Most spaces offer monthly memberships or day passes to accommodate the needs of a diverse customer base. Community, without the commitment for the discerning extrovert in you!

Oh, you fancy but environmentally conscious?

Remote devotees of the bespoke tradition who enjoy a silk pocket square and the smell of Italian leather will quite like working in the ambiance at Denver’s historic Brown Palace Hotel and Spa. The Wi-Fi is top notch and its several restaurants, coffee, and tea shops boast sophisticated décor and clientele, not to mention comfy couches and soothing live piano music.
Also, they keep five bee colonies on the roof, whose honey makes its way into the establishment’s tea, bourbon, and guest toiletries. It’s one of several green initiatives at the Brown Palace. You may be bougie, but you’ve got a heart of gold (er, green).

But Denver is outdoorsy, right?

If you’re inspired by nature, look no further than Denver’s Botanic Gardens to find your outdoor office. The sprawling 24-acre property features a range of genuinely stunning gardens and free wifi. Though chances of rain, like you, are remote, the Botanic Gardens’ Helen Fowler Library is conveniently on site should the need arise to seek shelter.
For an outdoorsy solopreneur seeking of a bit of camaraderie, it’s actually hard not to find an early morning trail running group of friendly, well-adjusted professionals. Similarly, unplugging with a hike in the dramatic Rocky Mountains is just a quick half hour away and full of opportunities to meet the friends you won’t meet at your non-existent office.
In fact, renewing yourself in nature is an inevitable facet of life in Denver and makes for an ideal work-life balance. Its many parks are beautiful and clean, and the mountains are visible from dozens of vantage points within the city. Serene enough to focus but full of alluring extracurriculars, a healthy balance will come effortlessly.
Renewing yourself in nature is inevitable in Denver and makes for an ideal work-life balance. Click To Tweet
There’s no doubt the city of Denver is having a moment. Between its growing tech market, plenty of spaces to work amongst nature and relatively low rent prices, it’s worth checking out and staying for a few.
What are your favorite spots to work in Denver? Drop your recommendations below!

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