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How do I establish my niche and my services as a freelancer?

The nature of the freelancing business makes it a highly saturated market. Establishing a niche and marketing your services in such a saturated market is no easy feat, but that does not mean that it is unachievable. There are two major areas you must focus on in order to achieve  the end goal of establishing your niche and effectively marketing your services to clients.

Find your niche

Discovering your speciality is the initial  step to standing out in a saturated market. Choose your niche by carefully examining the area you have a reasonable degree of expertise such as graphics, web development, creative writing and so on., Concentrate on the kind of work you appreciate doing most and the type of clients you would love to work with.

After calving out your niche for yourself, proceed to specialise even further by fusing the information to your branding. This way you are effectively selling yourself out to your target market as the ideal freelancer for them

Optimise your brand

Centre around your niche, using various tools such as colour, keyword, images etc, to enhance your image. You will spend considerably less amount of demanding time branding yourself for one market, and by fully understanding the work procedure and language for your niche you can enhance your site for the terms your clients are hunting down, as opposed to extensively expressing everything you do. You can likewise compose advertising materials that particularly address your clients optimal needs.

With regards to your marketing, invest more time learning about where your target market is and dish out contents to get your name out there. Collaborate via social media, compose blog entries, comment on sites and network and industry nights and meetings. Through this you can really market your business at an alarming rate. Be sure to take business cards and brochures with you to hand out.

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