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How To Choose A Business Name?

A name is a rope with which your business draws from water from the well. It is the cornerstone in your path to building a successful brand. If the cornerstone is poorly placed, it affects not just the look but the structural integrity of the whole building. The importance of choosing the right name cannot be overemphasized for the new business owner. It will go a long way in affecting the views of potential customers or clients who are yet to know the quality of your services; a lot might be turned off from pursuing any interest in what you do due to a poorly chosen business name

In choosing a perfect business name there are many things for you to consider. Here is a short list of the most important things to do in arriving at the perfect business name.

An Unforgettably Unique Name

This is the first and probably most important consideration of them all. Your business name must be unique, which will make it easy for you to build it as a brand. It has to be catchy and easy to remember. Its content must embody the message, vision and perspective your business wants to project. A name that could be easily drown in the multitude is not what you need. You must endeavour to make up that business name that projects your business as being very serious at what is does, and at the same time appear laid back enough to be welcoming for potential clients. It must therefore not appear uptight, snobbish or too complex. The name you choose for your business must project a can do personality that is a joy to work with.

Make it Easy to Spell and Pronounce

In choosing your business name resist the temptation to look up big words that no one knows in the dictionary. Also, avoid coining up words that do not exist. Avoid difficult words that the average person cannot spell or pronounce. The whole point of choosing a business name is to find one which people can relate to and identify themselves with. Be creative but keep it simple.

Check For Availability and Ask for Feedback

Whatever business name you arrive at will mean nothing unless you can use it, meaning that no one has beaten you to it yet. Check the corporate registration body in your country for its availability. And at the same time don’t just keep it to yourself conduct a survey and gather feedback, suggestions as well as gauging how well people respond to it. Just because you like it doesn’t mean everyone else will. In case you get an overwhelmingly negative response, scrap it and go back to the drawing board and repeat steps one and two.

There are some great tools out the such as this one, The Business Name Generator you can use to create some unique business names.

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