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How to collaborating with another freelancer on a project?

A well drafted and thought out collaboration contract is the way to go when working with other freelancers on the same project. This will ensure that each freelance member of the collaboration team is aware of what he or she is getting into and the work they are required to do on their part. There are no misunderstandings or confusion on anyone’s part! If there is , then they can refer to the contract!!!

You also want to make sure that the contract contains the following:

Details outlining how and when will each freelancer be paid

You want to have a clear outline of what happens if someone leaves the team before their work is done.

Ensure each freelancer understands who is responsible for each element of the work involved. You can use project management systems to assign freelancers to certain areas of work and set deadlines etc.

Ensure security is in place especially when collaborating on clients social media accounts, databases, website, you want to ensure each freelancer understands the security measures in place.

Have one contact from the team that will be the primary contact for the client, this way there is no miscommunication.

Set a clear timeline for the work to be done, and ensure everyone on the team are clear about it and understand.

Clearly set out who the decision maker is especially when it comes to delegating tasks and managing the overall project.

Outline how the intellectual property is going to be distributed between each freelancer that is if the client is not going to own it.

Remember, communication is key, you want to over communicate especially if you are working remotely, it is important to ensure everyone is on the same page

Collaboration Agreements

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