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I am new to Freelancing, how do I create a business name, do I need a logo?

The freelancing business is a extremely competitive one. Every day new talents come aboard while established names maintain or increase market share. For newbies starting as a fresh one you will be faced with  several dilemmas, the biggest of which is what name to use for your freelancing business. While some choose to  use their actual names as their business others opt for a more corporate approach using a unique business name instead.

Using one name for most is the logical ideal choice as one doesn’t have to brainstorm to come up with a unique name. While it can be thrilling to stroke ones ego using your own name, it exposes your new freelancing career to the chance of getting lost in an ocean of similar surnames. “Recognizability” is what brings in new business and solidifies one’s reputation as it grows. And for those with ambitions of creating freelance agencies with many writers under them, choosing the proper business name is one of the most critical decisions that will lead to build your brand.

A big advantage of having a business name rather than a personal one is that you can leverage your content for more revenue as your intellectual property. Iti s more recognizable in a crowd, choosing the right business name gives you the ability to create a compelling identity and cohesive purpose that captures the imagination of potential clients.

A lot of factors are to be considered when choosing a business name for your new freelancing business hustle. The first of which for one is to reflect on what sets out what it is that you do. Are you going to do a lone wolf business with content coming from you alone, or do you want to build an organization for example, with may writing talents under you? What is the target of your output as a writer? Are you going to a niche market or is you’re writing for a wide and varying audience? Who will be looking at your services? Your name should be tailored to meet the specific needs of your audience. Is your freelancing business going to cater for the serious business-like audience, or will it cater for the less formal sector? Your business name should be catchy, something that a glimpse at it will strike a chord with what they are looking for in a writer.

Another obvious decision is to make the name short and concise. Let it deliver your message in a single a few short words. A long meandering name will make it boring for your potential clients if you make it too difficult they won’t bother trying to know more. A name with a spark to it is what you need. Something that will ignite the clients curiosity as to what you do and how well you are able to do it. A business name could be something that sticks with you for a long time so one MUST make it a priority to get it right!

For those seeking to build agencies on the back of their success should avoid using a clannish name that will limit future ability to expand. Use a name that will eventually cater for a wide variety of talents, services, products and subject matters. A classic example is “why people click” a marketing firm that gives a succinct and upbeat idea of what they do to their potential customers. Take a step back and reflect, derive inspiration from childhood nicknames, your environment, life experiences, something you overheard. The most likely places and conversations could produce the names you are looking for. Just make it short and make it strike like thunder…in a good way ofcourse!!

Another option after deciding on your business name as a freelancer is to determine if you need a visual presence to go with your business name in the form of a logo. Logos work mostly for those who are already established with household names, as a newbie they may appear cool but they certainly are not your number one priority. Even the biggest corporate brands change logos from time to time but they almost NEVER change their business names. This is because names travel farther than visuals, a name of Coca-Cola for example, is known in the remotest parts of the world by people that don’t necessarily even drink it.

So focus on getting you a great business name, building a spectacular service to your clients, and when your name is finally established you can decide on a logo or tweak an old one if you already had one to start with. The fear is that for a beginner a logo might forge a very high expectation of you and failure to meet these expectations might prove fatal in your brand before you even get going. A logo is just a bonus, a GREAT name and greater business/services is a MUST!!

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