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Tips for spreading the word on my biz?

So you have decided to go solo and start your own freelance business!! Now you want to let the world now about what it is that you can offer them and get some clients onboard! Not to mention make some Mula $$$!!

There are in fact many, many ways you can spread the word on your business!!

Networking is a great way to spread the word on your business. Look up in your local area some networking groups, co working spaces, and events in your area that will benefit you and your business.

Branding and a business identity is super important, you can create business cards to hand out to people you meet at networking events or just by people you run into on a daily basis. Along with business cards you can also create flyers and brochures that you can use to do mail drops. Another great suggestion would be to brand your vehicle, this is a super easy way to get the word out.

Build your own website or pay someone to build it for you. These days its pretty easy to set up a landing page or contact page website via the likes of wordpress or weebly. If you dont have the time or know how to do this yourself you can always hire someone else to do it for you. Having a website is a great resource to direct people you meet to showcasing your business and products/services.

Social Media is a free resource for you to set up your business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+,  etc and post content daily on these platforms. You can advertise your business, special deals and discounts through regular posts. \\

Regular Blogs are a great way to also get your business out there into the world. You can upload daily, weekly, monthly blogs to your website, as well as publish them across your social media assets. You can also publish them on other blogging platforms such as Medium, Blogger, Tumblr, Ghost, Squarespace, WordPress etc.

Join online communities such as Quora, meetup, upwork, freelancing forums, facebook business pages, online freelancing groups, local business groups.

SEO and content marketing, Online businesses depend on SEO to succeed, so I’d definitely recommend setting up your SEO and ensuring you are engaging users, social media marketing and sharing as well as generating content to help get you ranked in searches.

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