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Bookmark These 16 Resources For Your Burning Freelance Questions

  • November 25, 2020

Looking for more tools and resources for freelancers? Check out this list. 
Finding yourself with all the questions and none of the answers? Luckily, there are tons of resources for you to check out when you’re feeling a bit lost about the small things and the big ones too. Here are a few of our favorites.

We Freelance

Like Reddit for freelancers, We Freelance allows anyone to share a link to any freelance related article and up-vote their favorites. The site also has a solid list of books and job sites to help you strengthen your skills. Submit your burning questions and review common queries among your peers.

Freelancer’s Union blog

The Freelancers Union was founded to keep us self-employed folk on track and open for business, which explains why the blog is so damn useful. And we recently collaborated with them to create The Freelance Contract that can be used by all business owners to protect themselves when entering a new relationship.

WeWork Creator blog

Since 2010, WeWork has been giving the office-less a place to camp out, get stuff done, and form a community. The co-working company’s blog highlights the projects being done within their walls all around the world.


Quora has answers to everything, so it’s no surprise that it’s a reliable source for freelance-related inquiries. Just don’t get distracted by all the other threads! Here are some threads to get you started.

Harvard Business Review

Don’t underestimate yourself—just because you’re a solopreneur doesn’t make you any less of a business person. You’re just a business of one, and you need to keep yourself informed. The Harvard Business Review offers some of the most sound and respected business advice around.

Elaine Pofeldt for Forbes

If you aspire to financial riches while eschewing business attire and office politics, you’ll find inspiration in Elaine Pofeldt’s profiles of other self-employed successes. She’s also a great follow on Twitter.

“The Bogleheads’ Guide to Investing”

Written by the founder of Vanguard, this guide to investing has everything you need to know about personal finance so you stay out of debt and even make a profit! If you can’t afford the book (yet), here’s the entire thing online for free.


Skillcrush’s tech focus makes its blog a go-to for digital designers and developers. They also offer a number of resources for all types of freelancers, including advice on time management, using social media for self-promotion, and finding work.

Work Made For Hire

Finally, answers to your legal questions from an actual lawyer! Learn from a pro about the fine print on your contracts, how to negotiate with clients, who actually owns your finished product, and more.

Product Hunt ‘freelance’ thread

No matter what kind of tool you need—time trackers, gig boards, advice, friends—the Product Hunt freelance thread has got recommendations for you. Curated by freelancers for freelancers, the thread features only the best.


Need the tl;dr answer to your question? Domino has quick how-to guides on subjects like money management, marketing, administrative responsibilities, and motivation. Just like AND CO, they’re all about saving time so you can hustle harder.


MAQTOOB’s blog offers up advice for work and play, focusing on developing your creativity, navigating through life, increasing your workload, and just being a better, more well-rounded human.

‘Welcome to Your Independence’ by Fiverr Workspace

We wouldn’t be taking our own advice about self-promotion if we didn’t include a link to Fiverr Workspace’s book on how to win at freelancing.

Medium Posts tagged ‘freelance’

Just because someone has five followers doesn’t mean they don’t give killer freelancing advice. Unfortunately, it just means you’ll have to do a lot more scrolling to find them.

The Freelancer

Providing a combo of freelance related humor pieces with helpful articles and interviews, this blog from Contently is the fun cousin of the company’s more business-intensive blog called The Content Strategist.

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