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600+ Must-Have Tools & Resources for Freelancers

  • By Sophie McAulay
  • November 25, 2020

Tools & Resources for Freelancers
Whether you’re just starting out as a freelancer or you’re a pro, whether you’re looking to save time or kill time, there are tools and resources that can help you be better at what you do.
Take a look at our giant list of tools and resources, bookmark this page so you can return later, and start being a better freelancer.
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Where to find work as a freelancer

Where to Find Work as a Freelancer

First things first: you need something to work on. There are plenty of places to find freelance gigs online, if you know where to look.
Our huge list of the 44 best places to find freelance jobs is a great place to start. We provide a description of each site and information on how much they charge for you to get work through the platform.
You may want to try out a few at first to see where you get the most traction. Usually once you’ve completed a few gigs you’ll start to receive reviews, so it can pay to concentrate your efforts on just a few platforms and build up your cred enough that the work will start rolling in much more easily.  

Tools for running your freelance business

Tools for Running a Freelance Business

When you take up freelancing, you’re no longer focused just on your core professional activity – whether it be designing, writing, photography, or something else.
Suddenly you’re also in charge of things like accounting, sales, admin, and ensuring you remain profitable.
This can be a huge learning curve and a big frustration for those who aren’t used to it.
If that sounds like you, some of these tools could help you spend less time on the parts of the job you’d rather avoid.

Relationship management tools

Relationship management may not have crossed your mind as one of your job responsibilities yet, but it should. The better you’re able to manage client’s expectations and keep on top of communication, the more likely it is that you’ll have repeat customers – which means less time spent on sales and marketing, and more on getting sh*t done.

Work from home tools

Working from home isn’t for everyone. There’s the temptation to stay in bed just a little longer. The lack of motivation that can come with not having a reason to get dressed. And the distraction of fun things you could be doing instead of work… like vacuuming for the third time this week.
But with the help of these 10 tools, you too can master the art of the productive home office.

Apps for your freelance business

Looking for backend office tools? There’s an app for that. After something to keep you more organized? There are apps for that too. Need something to help you get a job? Yep, you guessed it. This list include 24 tools that can help you be a better entrepreneur.
Get app happy. A little time spent setting up these tools can save you tons of time and hassle in the long-run.

Amazon Echo skills

Have an Amazon Echo? There are a bunch of ways you can use this to your advantage as a freelancer. Take a look at these tools you can integrate with your Echo to help you optimize your work and home (or work-from-home) tasks.

Messenger apps

If you’re working solo, it’s important for you to find your best way to stay in touch with clients, editors, and colleagues. There are plenty of instant messaging applications that can help with this. Here we share 4 you could try.

File sharing

Anyone who’s ever shared Word Docs back and forth so much that you lose feedback amongst the multiple versions knows th
at it’s essential to find a more collaborative way of sharing work with clients and colleagues.
These 5 file sharing options are a great place to start.  

Freelance contract clauses

As way too many horror stories have taught us, you should never work without a contract! Use this tool to determine which clauses are necessary for your next project.

Tools to help you do better freelance work

Now that all the business stuff is under control, you can get back to the part of the job that took you freelance in the first place.
There are plenty of free assets out there that can help you produce better work.
Take a look at these.

Learning resources to help you be a better freelancer

Learning resources

As a freelancer, it falls to you to stay on top of industry trends, upskill, and get better at what you do. The good news is there are loads of resources that can help. Whether you’re listening to a podcast during your exercise time or spending an hour of self-study over your morning coffee, scheduling learning into your daily routine will help give you an edge over other freelancers so you can get more work, do a better job and demand the big bucks from your clients.

Recommended reading for freelancers

Recommended Reading for Freelancers

Along with the learning resources above, there are plenty of great reads that can help you be a better freelancer. So many, in fact, that you’ll need to schedule them into your day if you have any hope of getting through them.

Freelance reads you need to have

Bookmark these 5 articles and take your time to peruse them.

Must-read blogs to help your freelancing career

Subscribe to a number of blogs so you receive some fresh content in your inbox alongside all your client emails, and you’ll never forget to better yourself again.

5 free freelance guides from Domino

Domino Spot is a resource that aggregates practical and actionable advice for freelancers in the form of short guides. Here we list 5 of our favorites – which cover topics like how to register as a business in the US, how to decide on rates, and how to deal with clients who don’t pay.

Anywhere: the digital nomad handbook

Considering wandering while you work? This comprehensive eBook was written by those who’ve gone before you, drawing on the collective wisdom of 100+ nomads and nomad experts. Covering everything from visas, to tax, to packing, you definitely can’t miss this resource if you’re taking to the road.

Welcome to your independence: the freelance handbook

This book compiles Fiverr Workspace’s learnings from working with thousands of freelancers. Read about all the insights on how to securely and successfully run a freelance business – from marketing and proposals, to pricing your services right and getting paid faster, this book gives you everything you need to get started.

How to hack your freelance career eBook

This 90-page guide is designed to help take your freelance career to the next level quickly, so you can focus on the work you love. It features 40 actionable growth hacking tips for freelancers, so you can start building your business.

Online communities for freelancers

Communities for freelancers

Freelancing isn’t always the best route to human interaction… And we can all use a virtual water cooler where we can air our grievances about clients, or ask for help from those who’ve experienced similar situations.
There are communities out there for all different kinds of freelancers – find one you like and make sure you give, as well as take support from your comrades.

Your all-in-one freelance tool

There’s one last resource you need in your freelance toolbox, if it isn’t already… Fiverr Workspace lets you create proposals, send invoices, track your time and manage your expenses, all in one place. And it’s completely free to sign up. Get started here.  

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