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How Improv Comedy Helps a Freelance Career

  • By Georgia Dolenz
  • January 29, 2021

Freelancing is a lot like improv, you have to think on your feet and you have to listen to the audience (otherwise known as, your client!) Whether you’re treading the boards at the GroundlingsSecond City, UCB, or many others, the skills acquired in improv can help you become a better freelancer, colleague, and boss!
Even if you don’t think you’re a comedic person, you can still make work funny and improve your business acumen! So get out of the wings and get under those lights!


Agree and add information! This famous rule in improv doesn’t only apply to the stage. Working with your client’s ideas and input is crucial in producing top-notch work, even if they don’t let you be funny in the process. If a client sends you a few of their own designs for their website’s landing page, don’t shut them down, say YES to their input, AND add your own professional tweaks as well! When it comes time to use your Fiverr Workspace invoice app that month you’ll be saying YES, Fiverr Workspace all the way to the bank!

Think On Your Feet

When a project is coming to an end and a client is emailing you with endless edits and updates, you’ve got to move fast and come up with effective solutions. Being able to roll with whatever your scene partner throws at you during an improv will DEFINITELY come in handy when the going gets tough in the office. Head down to the Groundlings, take a few improv classes and you’ll soon feel invincible!

Who, What, Where.

The first few moments of an Improv are crucial. You’ve got to establish the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘where’ of the scene quickly so the audience knows what’s going on. This also applies to the world of freelancing. When you take on a new client, it’s important to make sure they, and you, understand the project, the schedule, and whether you’ll be working remotely or from an office. Once you’ve clarified these details, you can get back to updating your Fiverr Workspace expense tracking app and claim a few donuts for all of your hard work!

People Skills Freelancers Need

Freelancing can mean working with a variety of different people and personalities. It can be intimidating dealing with demanding clients, or even giving monthly updates on pivotal conference calls. But once you stand on a stage in front of 50 strangers and make up a scene about spicy dumplings, nothing seems that scary anymore! You’ll start to wonder why you were so shy in the first place. Track all of those hours you’ve spent being the life and soul of the party with the Fiverr Workspace time tracking app and enjoy the encore!

I’ve Got Your Back!

The best rule in improv: Everyone on stage has your back. No matter how badly a scene is going, or how terrible your joke about turtle racing was, your scene partner will be there to help you! The improvisers at UCB (Uprights Citizens Brigade) couldn’t do what they do without the support of their cast. If a client is getting worried about an upcoming deadline, or a fellow freelancer needs a last minute favor to help secure an account, you‘ll have their back! Because if we’re there for each other, we can achieve great things, and those jokes about turtles can be turned into comedy gold!

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