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Reap the Benefits of a Freelance Schedule

  • By Georgia Dolenz
  • January 29, 2021

Are you reading this from the confines of your office cubicle, somewhere between the hours of 9am and 5pm (or 6pm, or 7pm, or, well, you get it)? Do you dream about the day you can reclaim those hours and take back control of your schedule? Well, freelancing might be the revolution you’re after! The freelancer’s schedule is an ever-changing beast, but unlike most jobs, freelancing allows you to roam a bit more, with a schedule that suits you. Check out these benefits to living a life-o-freelance! Wriggle out of those 9-5 handcuffs and reclaim the work day!

Freelancers Beat The Traffic

Do you ever wonder why the other side of the freeway always seems to be going faster? Do you ever think it would be nice to go against the traffic once in a while? Well, good news, with freelancing you can! Freelancers are able to work unconventional hours, which often means starting later in the morning and driving through empty, unclogged streets. Freelancing also means you can do a lot of work from home, where there’s zero traffic! That is, unless you’re a messy person. In which case, you’ll still have to battle through clothes and cereal boxes to get to your desk.

Freelancers Skip The Line

Are there long lines at your favorite coffee shop around 8:45am? Do you always get stuck behind the same intern who’s trying to order 42 coffees from a list he wrote on his hand that’s now melting into a swirl of ink and sweat? Well, we’ve got good news: If you start freelancing, you can enjoy off-peak coffee trips every day! You might even be able to work from your local coffee shop and watch the morning rush from the comfort of a cozy window seat. Just don’t get too smug – and make sure you hold the door for that poor intern.

Freelancers are in Errand Heaven

We all hate running errands, but is it the errands we hate, or the fact that we all do them at the same time? Are you fed up with heading to the post-office during the same hour that everyone else goes to send off their mail? Switch to a life of freelancing and run errands on your time. Freelancing means you can schedule your work around your day. You can pop into a Rite Aid at 3pm for some dish soap and be out before you can say #wellnesscard.

Freelancers are Early Birds & Night Owls

The 9-5 work day isn’t easy on either the night owls or the early birds. To all of my early birds: Do you wish you were able to start work earlier and finish by 2pm? If you freelance, you can wake up with the London markets and get to work when you decide! For those of you who are night owls, don’t worry, most freelance work can be done remotely, and therefore at any hour, even 11pm when you’re 6 coffees in and at your most productive. Fly free my night owls and early birds, fly free!

Freelancers Have Lunch Control

Sure, the food truck outside of your building has great BBQ, but what if you feel like eating something that requires cutlery once in a while? The 1 hour window you’ve been graciously given for lunch isn’t enough time to head to your favorite steakhouse. You’d have to inhale your ribeye in under 20 minutes and run back to work before it’s even hit your stomach. Freelancers get to choose when they want to go to lunch. After all, it’s your lunch! You can even work on a few Excel pivot tables at your favorite lunch spot and have a constant flow of tasty treats sent out from the kitchen. Delicious.

For the Freelancer, It’s Quality Over Quantity

If it’s a quiet day at work and you’ve got little to do, why not skip out early and enjoy the downtime? Oh, because you work a 9-5 and you’re pretty much handcuffed to the desk between those hours. Freelancers only work when they need to, allowing them to enjoy the finer things in life. Now don’t get us wrong, freelancing can call for long work days, sometimes going for 12+ hours straight, but when there are slow days you can kick back and head to the beach! The best part is, you’ll never have to sit at your desk pointlessly tweaking your email signature because you’re ‘required’ to stay until 5pm. Shut down the computer and get living!

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