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Construction Invoice Template

The real estate market is rising again as the pandemic fades, which means building and remodeling orders for market participants. This will impose a significant administrative burden on subcontractors in particular. Setting up a few invoice templates for each service you provide might save you multiple hours every week, which you can spend on getting new clients or finishing an extra project.

    Make it quick

    Simplify your administration by using templates for your invoices. Use them to significantly reduce the time required and create invoices on the go

    Never miss a critical detail

    The construction industry must meet strict standards, so it’s vital that the invoice contains all the important information. With a well-prepared template, you can be sure that all the critical details are in place.

    Why should you send professional construction invoices

    You need the invoice to document and prove the amount, currency, and date of payment. At the end of the fiscal year, it will be the most important document on which you can build a reliable accounting of your business.

    Your issued invoices (and the income calculated from them) are also essential for tax assessment. They are also important documents for the IRS and the client.

    Advantages of an invoice template

    When invoicing construction services, a common and important issue is the cost of labor and materials, which you can show separately.

    Include additional information

    Invoice templates help you to offer additional guidance for your clients to understand even complex construction or renovation invoices. A well-informed customer is a happy customer!

    When should construction companies issue an invoice?

    In construction projects, regardless of their complexity, it is typical that the contract already contains clear specifications. Progress invoices, milestones, stage goals, and final invoices characterize this process. 

    For the smallest work, it is best to submit the invoice at the end of the handover process, when the work is complete. This way, any issues can be discussed with the customer at the time of completion, further reducing the administrative burden.

    What are the essential parts of a construction invoice?

    For construction projects, project accounting is as important a part of the process as choosing the right materials or the best professionals. A good invoice includes all the important information about the completed project, whether it is a greenfield industrial project or a home renovation. Including the cost of labor, materials, permit fees, and taxes in a transparent way simplifies the billing process not only for you but also for your clients.

    • The title ‘Invoice’
    • Your business’ name, address, and relevant IDs
    • Your customer’s name, address, and relevant IDs
    • Dates: Date of completion, Date of issue, Payment date
    • Invoice serial number
    • Payment terms set out in the contract
    • Itemized list including labor, materials, administration and permit fees, and any extra expenses
    • Total amount
    • Taxes payable (sales tax or value-added tax)
    • Your corporate image (logo, fonts)

    Quick invoicing tips for your construction business

    There is life beyond the bank transfer


    There is life beyond the bank transfer

    The advantage of modern invoices is that they can no longer be settled by the traditional method of bank transfer. You are free to offer your customers online payment solutions or payments by direct debit or credit card. However, find out in advance about the costs and the time it takes to receive the money.

    Use the comment field

    When creating an invoice or a construction invoice template, you have the option to add a comment to each item. This can be a simple line number or a more detailed description. Such guidance will already set you apart from your competitors and help your customers interpret your invoices.

    Customize your template

    The hallmark of a good invoice is that it is easy to recognize and understand. A handy trick can be to set the color of the template to a different color than the usual white, add your company logo, or use a special font that you also use on your website.

    Pay attention to the deadlines

    Especially in complex construction projects, it is important that you issue the invoice (and the corresponding payment deadlines) within the time limits specified in the contract. Otherwise, the client could return the invoice and you could lose valuable days.

    Provide as much detail as possible

    The final amount may vary from the price set at the time of contracting. For this reason, provide all the important details, whether you are issuing a partial invoice or a final invoice. Do not forget the itemization of wages and the price of raw materials.

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