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Trucking Invoice Template

As a truck driver, you may be spending hours on the road, leaving little to no time to properly process invoices. However, successfully growing your trucking business relies on timely and accurately processing invoices, leading to a trucking invoice template being very beneficial. Whether you are too busy traveling to the next destination or you simply don’t understand how to process an invoice, a trucking invoice template can ease this burden and free up time in your busy schedule.

    Reduce Errors in the Invoice Process

    Truckers are constantly on the go, leaving many scrambling to put together an invoice. Errors on the invoice can cost your transportation business money; however, with an invoice template, mistakes can be reduced. 

    Save Money

    Your time as a trucker is valuable. Time spent piecing together an invoice for each customer takes away from potential income from other jobs. An invoice template can free up time in your busy schedule, ultimately saving you money and leading to a higher earnings potential.

    invoice template

    Why Should You Send an Invoice

    The main reason you should be sending a transportation invoice is to collect funds owed to you. An invoice clearly lays out the cargo delivered and the price owed to you, allowing for less mistakes and more timely payments from customers.

    Another reason to send an invoice is to provide transparency into your billing. Many customers won’t pay an invoice without adequate proof of the goods delivered. Not only does the customer benefit, but your trucking business does as well through having an accurate paper trail and clear documentation.

    Streamline Invoicing

    A trucking invoice template adds to your transportation company’s brand image, allowing for effective marketing and efficient operations. When your customers know what to expect on your invoice, your trucking business will generate a higher level of trust.

    Save Time

    Small businesses and freelancers in the transportation industry are constantly lifting boxes and shipping goods, leaving minimal time to process the high amounts of invoices. An invoice template frees up much needed time all while ensuring the billing function of your business is running smoothly.

    invoice template

    When is the right time to send an invoice?

    The payment terms set up in your small business will determine when you send an invoice. Nevertheless, for certain jobs, you may want to send an invoice before the work begins. Upfront invoicing maintains effective cash flow procedures and ensures you get paid, making it beneficial.

    On the other hand, many transportation businesses choose to send an invoice after the work is complete. An invoice template can ensure the invoice is sent immediately after goods are delivered, speeding up the collection process.

    What should be included on a trucking invoice?

    Including the proper information on your trucking invoice will improve the collection process and reduce any confusion. A transportation invoice template only needs to be set up with the basic information once, allowing you to roll forward the template and update with each new contract. Among the list of items to be included in your invoice are:

    • Header – The header should include your company logo and contact information
    • Company Logo – Placing your logo on the invoice will build brand image.
    • Company Information – Include your company name, address, and contact information
    • Identifying Number – Each invoice should have a specific number assigned
    • Customer Information – Detail the customer’s name, address, and contact information
    • Goods Provided – List each specific good included in the delivery along with quantity delivered
    • Contract Price – List the price for each good provided with an overall total on the bottom
    • Signature Line – The individual delivering the good should sign off on the invoice
    • Payment Terms – Common terms are 15, 30 and 45 days
    • Accepted Payment Methods – This could be credit cards, checks and electronic funds

    Quick Trucking invoicing tips

    Include Transparency into Goods Delivered

    When creating your cargo invoice template, you want to be sure you are detailing each good that is being delivered. Having a line item for each specific good will give the customer added transparency. Additionally, breaking down each good will allow for ease when doing inventory counts on your end and the customers. 

    Accept a Variety of Payment Methods

    Each customer will have a preference on payment methods, making it important to offer a variety of options. Third party payment processing apps, checks, electronic fund transfers and credit cards should all be offered. Clearly list the payment methods you offer on your invoice template. 

    Offer Early Payment Discounts

    Cash flow is a problem that plagues many small trucking businesses. Offering early payment discounts can be one way to mitigate this risk. State your early payment discounts offered near the due date of the invoice. Many companies list it out as 2/10/30, meaning a 2% discount if paid in 10 days with the entire balance due in 30 days. 

    Implement a Unique Numbering System

    Each invoice should have a specific number attached to it for record keeping purposes. Utilizing the same shipping invoice template allows you to easily update the number with each new invoice, providing accuracy and clarity to your transportation business.  

    Include Applicable Dates

    The invoice date, delivery date, and due date should be clearly stated on your driving invoice template. Usually, these dates are either located at the top or bottom of the invoice. Regardless of placement, they should be very apparent, such as through using bolded font.


    Trucking invoice templates give small businesses and freelancers in the trucking industry access to time saving features and efficient billing measures. Including the relevant information, following the suggested tips, and taking full advantage of the wide variety of benefits are all possible with a trucking invoice template working alongside you.

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