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Consultant Invoice Template

As a freelance consultant you might have a variety of customers with different needs so you want to have the flexibility to reflect this in the invoices you send them. Having an invoice template is the ideal choice as it gives you the freedom to stay focused on what you do best – offering creative business solutions to your clients – while always staying on top of your finances and providing all necessary details to your client group.

    Stay on top of your finances and your business

    Track payment due dates and services you offer, and always make sure you follow up on late payments.

    Be tax compliant and audit-ready

    The right invoice template allows you to have all income information at hand when needed and have all data for tax authorities at hand.

    invoice template

    Why Should You Send an Invoice

    As a consultant you need to keep a comprehensive record of all the services you’ve rendered to your clients so you can get paid. Invoicing in a consistent manner helps you do that and can serve as a tracker for your financial history as a business

    The IRS requires invoices as evidence when you submit your tax returns. A logical and consistent invoicing system will serve as a financial record of all your transactions as a business and can safeguard you against potential lawsuits and other legal issues.

    Detailed description for your services

    An invoice template lets you include a detailed description of each service with the number of hours you spent on it, the rate per hour and the subtotal and total of hours wor

    Save Time

    Add Important Information

    You can always add important information about payment terms and methods, your and your clients address and other details that the client will find useful.

    invoice template

    When should you send the invoice?

    It’s always best to invoice immediately after the job or project is completed. This allows you to stay on top of your billing, keep your cash-flow healthy and also ensure that you won’t forget to include an important item in the list of tasks you’ve completed.

    In addition, your customers will also see you as professional and trustworthy if you are consistently billing them within a certain period after you’ve completed the job and you clearly communicate with them and set expectations.

    What should be included on a consultant invoice?

    As a freelance consultant or a small consultancy business you’re likely to have many clients and sometimes work on more than one project/client at a time. Tracking your billable hours and using a logical and consistent invoicing template to list and describe your services and other expenses incurred, will only help with keeping your business afloat and your customers satisfied.

    A templated invoice will help you in never missing the important details such as:

    • A dedicated header with your branding, logo and colors and containing company contact information, invoice date, etc
    • Clear indication that the document is an INVOICE
    • Unique invoice tracking number
    • Your client contact details
    • Each service with clearly stated hourly rates, total hours worked and subtotals
    • Any other relevant expenses (e.g. travel, stationery, materials, subscriptions, etc.) that you might be charging the client with
    • Your payment terms and methods
    • Total amount due at the bottom
    • Payment deadline in bold, visible font
    • Accepted Payment Methods – Credit cards, electronic funds (such as Paypal) and even checks

    Quick Consultant invoicing tips

    Always track your consulting hours

    Billable hours are the Holy Grail in the consultancy industry so make sure that you develop a comprehensive, sustainable and easy to follow method of tracking your consulting hours for your clients. This will help you to stay on top of your finances as well as manage your time better.

    Be professional and polite

    It might go without saying, but keeping a professional attitude (including your branding, colors and using appropriate language when describing your services) and being polite will help you to get paid faster. You can even include a customized ‘thank you’ note at the bottom of your invoice and make sure you are friendly and respectful in all related communication.

    Be prompt when invoicing

    It’s always best to invoice promptly once you’ve completed the project so you will not forget to include any of the services you’ve provided. This will also keep your cashflow healthy as the client is more likely to be faster with payments if they receive the invoice shortly after the work has been completed.

    Don’t skip the details

    You might think it’s obvious but many consultants forget to include details such as payment terms, payment due dates and even their own contact details for the clients to get in touch if needed. Always double check you have all the information.

    Be efficient

    As a consultant it’s likely that you either have clients from the same industry or you provide similar services to different clients. This means that you can create efficiencies for yourself by reusing some of the invoices. Always make sure you check for accuracy beforehand as you don’t want to make a costly mistake by omitting information or sending the wrong or sensitive information to a customer.

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